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Our Daily App Digest – January 25, 2012

Latest apps and updates to hit the iTunes app store today…

Spoken Image


Escape Velocity Apps, the creators of the popular iPad app Audiolio, have just released an update to their iPhone App, Spoken Image. The update to Spoken Image 1.2 gives users the ability to post their Spoken Image video clips to YouTube.

"Spoken Image is a fun, easy-to-use app for sharing photographs with friends and family. Adding your voice to your pictures is a great way to let everyone know what’s going on," said Douglas Dimola, co-founder of Escape Velocity Apps. "Now with YouTube, users have more flexibility to how they share their videos images with the world. All of these great sharing options will really come in handy when Spoken Image provides the ability to create slide shows, coming in an update soon."

Spoken Image is great for everyone. Friends sharing party pics. Kids sending a quick hello to the grandparents. Classmates describing the equations they photographed off the whiteboard. Realtors, house inspectors, insurance adjusters, retailers – all can benefit from Spoken Image.




Pringgle Media today is proud to announce that their new app, iRelations, is now available exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. iRelations is the first relationship bank account app in iTunes App Store. It helps users to manage and improve their relationships with people who are important to them such as their spouse, children, parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and close business associates.

iRelations allows users to keep 4 lists related to people who are important to them:
1. Relationship bank accounts containing deposit and withdrawal transactions based on positive or negative interactions with other people.
2. Things that people like or prefer which are possible deposits, and to make in the future.
3. Things that people dislike or hate which are possible withdrawals, and avoid doing such things.
4. Promises to keep and tasks to do for other people, and to actually keep or do.

Relationship bank account is a metaphor for the amount of trust that has been built up in a relationship. Such account keeps tracks of deposit and withdrawal transactions that are based on positive or negative interactions that one has with another person. "Deposits such as being loyal and keeping promises increase trust in relationships. Withdrawals such as being arrogant and breaking promises decrease trust in relationships." said Waihon Yew, founder of Pringgle Media.




ABC MAGIC 5 – Letter Sound Matching is an ideal app for preschoolers. It provides entertaining practice in matching the first letter of a spoken word with the correct written letter. The result of such practice is that children come to realize, intuitively, that the spoken word "Dog" is a "D" word, "Ball" is a "B" word, etc. In playing with the app, kids are unaware that they are traversing several cognitive steps, as they match spoken or illustrated words with written letters.

In matching letters to pictures, of several cognitive steps, the first may be may be touching each of the four, six, or nine pictures and hearing aloud the sound or signifier of each photographed object. This reinforces the idea of equivalency between the picture, its signifier as spoken, and its signifier as written. The child develops a firm understanding of language as a tool to represent things that are concrete or abstract, a tool that works the same way whether it is spoken/heard or written/read. The second step may be touching the letter, to hear its sound. This reinforces the idea that each of the alphabet’s 26 letters has a name, and each has a sound or phoneme it produces. The third cognitive step may be dragging the letter to the correct pictures (always half the total number of boxes). In the process of dragging it must be touched, and so the child hears the letter’s sound again as it is moved. Placed correctly, it stays in the square, and placed incorrectly, it returns to the side of the screen. There are no points, timers, or rewards upon completion. Completely non-competitive, the child is gently prompted to proceed to the next puzzle.

Biology for iPad


RealSimpleEDU’s Biology for iPad has recently risen to the number one spot for Biology apps, showing what is possible for a young company focused, above all else, on creating amazing mobile apps that are constantly evolving based on user feedback. With the rising success of their wide range of excellent mobile apps, it looks like RealSimpleEDU is well on their way to achieving their dream of becoming the number one company for on-the-go learning and reference.

This app has moved into the number one ranking for the search keyword ‘Biology’, jumping ahead of giants in the category like Inkling and Menteon. It’s easy to see why RealSimpleEDU is achieving such success too, they simply create beautiful apps that over-deliver value and app users love them for it.


PDF Expert


Readdle releases PDF Expert 3.2, the new version of the leading iPad application for reading, annotating and filling-in PDF documents and forms. The update makes it very easy to organize and find documents thanks to the full text search across the whole PDF library and the new sorting panel. At the same time the eraser tool, new handwriting and wrist protection processors make PDF Expert a fully capable note taking application.

New document search is the main addition to PDF Expert 3.2. Working pretty much like Spotlight search on iOS, it searches far beyond the file name examining contents of all the PDFs inside the application. This lets people find the needed documents faster and easier than ever before.

Many iPad owners take notes on their devices during classes, meetings, presentations and other events. PDF Expert 3.2 includes all the tools they might need: pens and highlighters of different colors, floating text boxes, shapes and of course an eraser. Combined with a great handwriting engine and wrist protection the latter makes PDF Expert one of the best note taking applications on the App Store.

Following the trend of the corporate iPad adoption, PDF Expert 3.2 comes with full support of the Data Protection API built into iOS. It means that all files inside the application are encrypted if the iPad is on the passcode lock, preventing possible data theft and making PDF Expert 3.2 suitable for the enterprise usage.


Feed The Monster


The popular and funny Feed the Monster game app was just released for the iPad.  Feed the Monster, a fun family and kids app has been getting rave reviews from both parents and their kids, with requests to launch the app for iPad since the iPhone release in December. Geared to kids of all ages, players can create their own Monsters and interact with them. Poke the Monsters for funny little reactions, like burping, farting and "hello" … cute, but slightly rude little Monsters that get the kids giggling. Not only do players get to create their very own monster by choosing from a variety of body, eye, arm, horn, leg, and mouth pieces, but they also get to take their monster through a series of challenges.

Feed the Monster features the 10 Monsters known as Spike, Mooch, Snork, TumTum, Fang, Hooey, Nibble, Chomp, Golly and 3Dee. The app is based on the original, and most popular, online game featured on ZiggityZoom.com. The interactive app, however, features  a Monster Creator,  the Feeding Frenzy, a Merge Machine, a Food Fight game, a Food Catch game and funny Special Foods for special Monster reactions. Free Updates will feature new Monsters, Monster parts and more Special Foods. Originally launched as an app for the iPhone and iPod touch, the app will now have a universal reach including the iPad.

ZiggityZoom is an internationally recognized creator of educational children’s games that are featured on their website ZiggityZoom.com. Now, they are taking their creativity for fun and education and turning that into applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. Founded in 2008, the ZiggityZoom team shares a passion for fun, education, and play. They are based in Virginia Beach, VA.


A Long Way Home Mini


You have been stranded 100 light years from Earth, can you survive the long way home? Indie Developer Jonathan Mulcahy is pleased to announce A Long Way Home has finally reached the iPhone.

After a catastrophic ship explosion, you must make your way home 1 light year at a time. Encounter exploding asteroids, teleporting dark matter, comets and more on your epic journey home.

A Long Way Home Mini is a action / physics / puzzle game set in space. Making you way through 100 levels across 10 stages you must jump from asteroid to asteroid collecting enough dark matter to open a portal to the next level. Currently available on the iPad, A Long Way Home was also recently released for Android Devices, including the Kindle Fire.


Helpful Romantic


Code Parable today announced that their first app, Helpful Romantic, is now available exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. Helpful Romantic offers ideas for gifts, dates and romantic gestures by utilizing a significant other’s unique personality. In addition, users can catalogue all the important aspects of their relationship for easy access.

The unique feature of Helpful Romantic is its ability to suggest ideas based on personality. Code Parable founder Jason Rich explains, "When I was dating my wife, I would browse for a bunch of ideas for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. But as we continued dating, I realized that she, like me, appreciated some types of romance better than others. Our personalities are different in many ways, so we express and receive love differently as well."

Helpful Romantic was designed to easily equip anyone with romantic ideas that fit their spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend’s personality. "Just like Netflix could recommend ‘Movies You’ll Love,’ I wanted to create a similar system for relationships and put it in a fun package." The app has a nautical theme, complete with a "map" and "treasure chest" for important aspects in one’s romantic relationship. "Relationships are an adventure and the app tries to capture that in its theme. Most importantly, it’s there to help and inspire but the experience should be fun!"

The Baby Cutie Frog


Free Life Apps Ltd, one of the fast growing companies in app development and marketing proudly announces a new app for kids – Baby Game: Cutie Frog for iPad and iPhone devices. Baby Game: Cutie Frog has charmed and captivated babies of all ages. Through the attractive graphics and funny sounds little users of Baby Game: Cutie Frog and its predecessors Baby Game: Cutie Crab and Baby Game: Cutie Cat are completely mesmerized. This game app develops their listening and motor skills as they interact with the animal’s face on the device. By playing with the eyes and lips the little ones enjoy themselves (expect lots of smiles and laughter) while keeping busy and giving their parents more free time.

Within 3 weeks all three kids games (Cutie Frog, Cutie Cat and Cutie Crab) went to the Top 5 Grossing Apps for Kids in Cyprus, and have been in the Top 10 / Top 50 / Top 100 in many other countries such as Turkey, Slovenia, Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.


Lil’ iSculp


Lil’ Hoot Owl, a developer of top apps for toddlers, currently holds the the App of the Week on iheartthisapp website. Lil’ iSculpt is an interactive and educational app that also entertains young children between the ages of 1 and 5 as they chip away stone to reveal unique sculptures and fully animated environments. Lil’ iSculpt can be purchased for the iPhone/iTouch and the iPad.

"With a toddler of our own to provide us with the most candid and up-to-date ‘market research’ available, we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring Lil’ iSculpt is not only entertaining and educational for kids, but is also easy to navigate so both parent and child are satisfied," said Lil’ Hoot Owl CEO Alison Finley. "We’ve had a lot of parents tell us they love the ease of use and minimal frustration of Lil’ iSculpt, which was most likely a key contributor for the votes. My husband Tom and I certainly know first-hand that we can all use a breather from time to time."

Lil’ iSculpt allows a child’s inner artist to emerge and is one of the best apps for kids on the market today. After chizzling away at a rock to see a sculpture fully revealed, children are greeted by the screen coming magically to life and transforming into a fully animated object. Not only are children completely entertained, but they also learn about musical instruments, various animals, objects, and world-renowned monuments.

Lil’ Hoot Owl LLC was founded in July 2010 by Tom and Alison Finley, a husband and wife team from Denver. Lil’ Hoot Owl creates entertaining and educational apps for kids designed for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Parents of Presley (13 months) and Drew (3 years old – their iTot!), the latter who immensely enjoys "edutainment" games on the iPhone and iPad, Tom and Alison develop games that are engaging, entertaining, and educational for toddlers and pre-schoolers. They are amazed with what their three-year-old has learned from the iPhone, and it is their passion to deliver games that serve a similar purpose for other parents of iTots.


Weather Router


JAS Applications today is very excited the announce the release of Version 2.0 of their iOS App Weather Router. At any second, use Weather Router to find the weather forecast for every post code between you and your destination up to 5 days in advance! It even works worldwide!

You’re travelling from New York to Washington but don’t know what the weather will be like on the way so don’t know what to take with you! Simply use Weather Router to find the forecast for New York and Washington with every post code in between! Therefore you’ll know to take an umbrella if it’s raining, or pack your swimming costume if it’s going to be warm!

You can even find the weather forecast for that day or up to 5 days in advance so whether it’s a spontaneous vacation or an advanced trip, Weather Router is the must have weather travelling App for you! Within the App is also a stunning map which displays your current GPS Location so you know exactly where you are! As well as this you can also even view your current GPS Co-ordinates which can be copied and then used how you wish!


Cauldron & Critters


Omenaboksi has announced a new physics based puzzle game with RPG elements. In Cauldron and Critters, the player take a role of a sleepless hedgehog, who’s forest has been invaded by a noisy group of critters. Players will use a boiling cauldron as a cannon to drive the critters out of the forest, while simultaneously collecting experience points to upgrade the cauldron for even more destruction.

Cauldron & Critters is a game with colorful cartoon graphics, intuitive controls, and a funny soundtrack. It’s a game that is easy to start but hard to put down. With three worlds to complete and multiple upgrades to buy, players will have hours of puzzle based fun.

* Three worlds of fun with dozens of levels – and more to come
* Physics based puzzles with emphasis on destruction
* Intuitive touch controls
* Colorful cartoon graphics
* RPG -style upgrades and experience points


Tie Assistant


V Island Lab has announced the release Tie Assistant 1.1 great necktie adviser for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tie Assistant contain 16 different knot types, and it going to be more in time. It’s not only helps to tie a knot, but in choosing right knots for different suites and for different neckties. Even for different situation.


Angry Boo


Yubi Games, an innovative mobile games developer and publisher, has today announced the release of Angry Boo for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Angry Boo is a fast paced arcade adventure that charges players with helping Boo the ghost get as many gold coins as he can by strategically jumping from one spider web to the next while avoiding ornery bats and other obstacles along the way! With gameplay that challenges users to calculate height and distance with each jump, and small landing spaces that don’t leave much to chance, this exciting game represents an engagingly refreshing new spin on the mobile platforming genre. Angry Boo is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free in the Games category.

This wildly addicting title shines as the consummate "Grab it and Go" mobile gaming experience. Shooting Boo is simple yet extremely fun with the game’s intuitive controls: Just touch Boo, pull back either a bit or a lot to set the force of his shot, and move your finger up or down to set his trajectory. This gives players the freedom to shoot him in high arcs over short distance, straight and fast like a bullet, and everywhere in between to ensure they can always find the perfect move to get every coin that they come across!

Angy Boo takes place across 28 unique levels which take place on 4 differently themed game zones. Scoring in the game is simple and sweet. Each collected coin get players 10 points, but if you can pick up multiple coins quickly you’ll be rewarded with multiplier bonuses for each coins! Get two coins in a row and the second one will net you 20 points instead of 10! Bag 3 coins quickly and the second and third coins are worth even more, and so on.

Operation R.U.M.


ERTV is proud to announce the release of Operation R.U.M, a game for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Operation R.U.M is an addictive brain teasing puzzle game for all ages. The pirates lost their rum, so now they are too thirsty to think and they need your help to get to the rum bar. Help the pirates drink the rum in 5 worlds, with 60 exciting levels of physics based puzzles. Unlock the two mini games and discover the secret behind the magical drink called rum.

Get the pirates to the rum bar by removing or interacting with different object in the game. The more rum you pick up on the way the more points you score. Can you make it to the end with all the rum?

Operation R.U.M Features:
* 5 worlds each with a different theme
* 60 exciting levels of physics based puzzles
* 2 unlockable mini games


Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day


zuuka, publishers of the iTalk and iStoryTime interactive storytelling apps, along with HarperCollins Children’s Books, today released Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble Nook Color and Nook Tablet. Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day features animations and sound effects on every page and is a sweet and warm-hearted story full of fun for children of all ages.

"Biscuit has been a family classic for almost two decades and for good reason as the lovable yellow puppy teaches children life lessons such as how important it is to give rather than receive," said Woody Sears, founder of zuuka. "We’re very excited to add another Biscuit book to the iStoryTime library and look forward to many more."

Everybody loves Biscuit, and Biscuit’s fans are sure to fall in love with this great holiday story. Biscuit and the little girl have to deliver valentines to all their special friends, Daisy, Puddles, Grandma, and Grandpa all receive some of Biscuit’s sweet puppy love. But wait till you see the lovely surprise is waiting for Biscuit when they get home.

Developed in-house by iStoryTime, Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day features narration, animations and sounds on every page, the beautiful illustrations by Pat Schories, which all come together to bring author Alyssa Satin Capucilli’s wonderful and popular book to life.

Piggy Woogy


Piggy Woogy 1.0, a match-3 puzzler from developer SNPeople, has finally launched in the US App Store. The game, which has garnered rave reviews from fans around the globe, features an ever-addictive puzzle structure made even more irresistible by the inclusion of suspense-building action.

Like that of many popular matching games, the main task presented to players of Piggy Woogy is to create matches of three like objects with horizontal or vertical alignment. However, Piggy Woogy is no mere copycat of other popular games. This delightful incarnation of the popular theme creates an enhanced sense of urgency with the addition of action and a compelling storyline expressed in animated cut-scenes.

The story behind Piggy Woogy is inspired by popular fairytales; Piggy and his girlfriend Pinny must stave off the Big Bad Wolf (Woogy). A constant onslaught of wolves climb up the jeweled wall of Piggy and Pinny’s fairytale tower; the player must prevent them from reaching the top. To do so, the player can dislodge wolves by making strategically located jewel matches, or by using special skills like Oil, Freeze, and Refresh. Many varieties of wolves, each with their own skills and weaknesses, as well as the presence of special items which appear among the jewels, add complexity as the player progresses.

Piggy Woogy is an incredibly addiction addition to the match-3 genre, beautifully executed, and full-featured. Over 100 levels, GameCenter integration, numerous achievements, and appealing character design make Piggy Woogy one of a kind.

Dot Lock Protection Pro


Apps2Be today is pleased to announce the release of Dot Lock Protection Pro 1.1.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Dot Lock Protection is an app allowing you to lock your private albums, photos and videos with a Dot Lock code. The key feature of the app is its ability to create a record of any app break-in attempt, with the intruder’s photo, date, time and GPS location recorded and displayed on the map.  

"Keep your most valuable media files safe and secure with Dot Lock Protection", says Sergei Sokolov, PR of Apps2Be. "Identify and catch intruders easily with photo, date and GPS!"

Choose between keypad and dot lock codes, create unlimited number of folders and sub-folders, take photos within  the app, export/import photos from Photoroll, organize your files with a simple tap & hold and many other features.

Application Key Features:
* Choose between dot lock & keypad lock screens
* Break-in log tells you where and when the app has had a break-in attempt, as well as the code used by the would-be intruder
* Normal and fake password modes
* Badge alerts show break-in attempts
* Backup password via email
* Create unlimited number of folders and sub-folders
* Customize your folder and album colors    
* Take private photos from within the app
* Discreet icon design  
* Import and export Photos/Videos from/to Photoroll
* Fully customizable slideshows
* Full featured in-app video player
* Share photos & videos via email
* Full retina display support

Pocket BMX


Fun Mob Games has completely rebuilt the game graphics to take advantage of each device’s capabilities. Pocket BMX features enhanced high-resolution graphics on the latest Retina-capable devices, and the graphics remain crisp even on the iPad’s large screen. Yet it remains playable on the older 2nd generation devices which are still widely used but many other games no longer support. The update also coincides with the release of a free ad-supported Lite version of Pocket BMX.

Jason Seeto, Director at Fun Mob Games says "We have been receiving such positive reviews and feedback from our customers that we really wanted to reward them back with a great update. We feel that making Pocket BMX a Universal app delivers a lot of value as now our customers can play the game on all their Apple devices without having to purchase it multiple times. We also think the new graphics look fantastic on the new Retina devices."


Pushing Weight


After 8 months of development and listening to the Swedish market, Slickerthanmost Applications today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Pushing Weight 1.4, their popular fitness app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With the idea to provide a worthy replacement for a pad and a pen, the developers aim is to produce the best available weight training journal for people at beginner and intermediate-level at the gym. The design is built around calendar dates rather than the workout-program-approach that seem to have been something of a standard approach up until now.

"A strict program approach is filled with problems", according to the developers, "as many gym goers don’t really need to know in detail what exercises they are going to perform before they are actually at the gym, and a good weight training journal needs to give the flexibility for that".

Development has focused on three main areas, namely planning, tracking and logging of workouts, with the idea that it should work while at the gym between sets and exercises.

High School Writing


Parents and high schools are more aware than ever of the importance that colleges and employers place on writing skills. High School Writing 3.0, by Niles Technology Group, is a parent’s or school’s answer to improving student writing. A comprehensive writing and thinking guide, High School Writing 3.0 app teaches the intricacies of writing sharp, direct arguments. Designed for the iPad and iPhone, students get both the best of mobile technology and essay writing instructions.

Niles Technology Group is the premier essay writing app developer in the App Store. Written and developed by educators dedicated to writing, High School Writing 3.0 gets straight to the fundamentals. Essays included are first and third person narratives, compare and contrast, cause and effect, argumentative, descriptive and even opinion essay. The SAT and college admissions essays are also part of the app. Each tutorial explains the purpose, research requirements and the crucial argument development process of that specific essay type. Students are guided using a proprietary simple-to-follow and understand format. With focus on the fundamentals, students receive just the right amount of information for the writing task at hand.

"The ultimate goal is to get students to write well and to enjoy doing so," explains Michael A. Niles, president of Niles Technology Group. "The trick is to keep students’ interest with engaging, thought-provoking content that is the correct length to answer their questions and to teach, but not too long to become boring or too short to be inadequate. High School Writing 3.0 and all Niles Technology apps ensure that the instructional content is always the optimal length. Based on the excellent reviews and emails received from students and parents, we are proud to say Niles Technology has accomplished its goals."


Image Route 66


Carlo Pinasco is proud to announce the launch of Image Route 66. The application provides an easy way for users to plan and organize a road trip, or take a virtual tour of America’s most famous highway.

There are more than two hundred high resolution images in the app, all of which have been recently captured and geo-referenced. Users are able to click a point on the routed map to discover the interesting sights in that area, or click an image to find its exact location along Route 66.

All of the application’s photos can also be quickly searched by keyword to find a specific image, or to see which sights are located in a particular area or state, making it easy and enjoyable to plot out a road trip and to view the points of interest along Route 66.

Here are some of the features found in Image Route 66:
* Attractive, easy-to-use interface
* Covers Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles
* More than 200 high-resolution photos taken in May 2011
* All photos are geo-referenced to easy locating
* Mapped route makes it easy to find points of interest at each location
* Keyword filtering for finding exactly what a user wants to see
* Users can discover how close they are to any sight in the app
* With internet connection, app will lead to a sight/location
* Access to website for photo commenting and buying related merchandise


Heroes of Pelegrin


Heroes of Pelegrin (HoP) is a unique new game release that has taken exciting and strategic multiplayer role play and optimized it for iDevices.

The object of HoP is to advance a specific character while working as part of a group. That’s done via regular level play, equipment, and the earning or purchasing of trait points. There is no cap on the number of talent rewards that a player can claim, so there is unlimited potential for a character’s advancement.

There’s a lot of flexibility in the HoP app. Players can have a lot of fun playing alone, as part of a virtual group. The user takes on the role of his/her choice and plays out the associated objectives, while the app provides virtual team members to fulfill the other roles. Users can also participate in the app’s Game Center multiplayer function for a total or partial human group of players, each with an assigned role to play.

Some of the other options available in this app include zone level selection and a choice of six characters from six different classes, all with unique abilities and requiring strategic play and group co-operation for success.

Here are some of the features offered in Heroes of Pelegin:
* Easy to use interface
* Combines group play, dungeon excitement and the joy of character advancement
* Play alone as one part of a virtual group or multiplayer with friends on multiple devices
* Six character classes, each with unique abilities
* Unlimited talent rewards
* Select own zone level
* Auto loot pickup – no buttons to press
* Game Center backup to iCloud
* No global cool-down with unnecessary, repetitive button pressing
* Easy, simplified statistics
* In-app purchase of extended campaign available


Awesome Calendar


Awesome Calendar is a recent launch that has met with great favor in the App Store. So far, users have complimented the elegant interface, speed, ease of use, and comprehensive all-in-one functionality, as well as the impressive host of features offered.

This application has a very extensive list of feature offerings, from automatic Google Calendar syncing to diary notation with embedded photos to localized weather reports and much, much more. Holidays for 35 countries are automatically noted on the app’s calendars.

Users are able to add, edit and view their calendars in a multitude of ways, can create and group todo tasks, add stickers, and share any of their information with others from within the app itself. Awesome Calendar is an efficient organizational tool for mobile workers, team projects, and individuals.


Writing Kit


Independent developer Anh Do today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Writing Kit 2.5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This maintenance update features 16 custom themes, more fine-grained editor settings, and numerous bug fixes.

Writing Kit is a robust Markdown editor for iOS that comes with advanced, full-featured researching tools. WIRED Gadget Lab calls it "a mobile research room" while AppAdvice praises "If you’re one who frequently use Markdown and do research while writing, then Writing Kit is definitely for you and worth the admission price".

Version 2.5 contains the following changes:
* Added: More fine-grained editor settings (Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Correction, Check Spelling, and TextExpander)
* Added: 16 custom themes to customize your writing experience
* Added: Select text in web page, tap on the Action button, followed by Send to Instapaper will have that text added as the link description
* Changed: Heading text in Markdown preview screen now have same black colour
* Changed: Replace the ‘Substitute’ menu item text with ‘Replace’. Nothing changed in terms of functionality
* Changed: Replace the ‘Full/Text’ switch text with ‘Content/Text Only’
* Fixed: Delete current file from the File drawer no longer tries to switch to the next file
* Removed: Buggy Delicious support

Cosmic Top


Cool Bear Studios today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Cosmic Top 1.1, an update to the best iPhone Entertainment app in the US as named by App Store Rewind 2011. Cosmic Top is a virtual toy, a 3D interactive light and sound show governed by the physics of a spinning top that appears to float in space. The top’s motion is synced to the playback of sci-fi sounds providing a unique audiovisual world for the player to explore. A set of 20 tops of varied shapes and sounds are randomly created at the touch of a button offering an endless array of possibilities.

In this update, the audio, physics, and graphics engines have all been improved upon leading to an overall higher quality and more varied simulation of a top.

The sound now includes both amplitude and frequency modulated sounds, harmonics, and echo effects. The spectral detail is enhanced for both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

The tops can now illustrate the "funky" physics of having unique and unbalanced inertias that make normal spin motion unstable and cause the tops to repeatedly flip their axes. All tops also now have a distinct center of mass and therefore different frequencies of pendulum oscillation and top precession. Just for fun, we also added a rare, 1 out of a 100, chance for a top be be a Kovalevskaya top. Named in honor of the Russian female mathematician, these tops can form especially interesting patterns of motion and sound. They can be found by looking for a top that does not come to rest like most tops do when "gravity" is on.

There are new and brighter tops. The new tops are solid, sphere morphed shapes that can have surfaces of flowing color. The graphic detail is also enhanced for both the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.



iOmoney is bound to be a very welcome app for anyone who shares any kind of expenses with others. It is efficient simplicity, providing easy yet accurate calculations of shared expenses.

The app automatically does the calculating, leaving users free to skip figuring out who owes what on a dinner napkin at the restaurant. iOmoney eliminates the time, frustration and error potential of determining individual tabs of a group bill. Payments shown are kept to the lowest number possible.

These are some of the features in iOmoney:
* Attractive, intuitive application for shared expenses
* Fast and accurately calculates what each person owes
* Shows unpaid balances owed by each person
* Reduces number of payments to the minimum number possible
* Acts as a reminder of money owed
* Saves time
* Full integration with Apple Contacts to quickly and easily add people
* Full integration with Apple Photo Library to personalize people, groups, payments, events as well as debts and balances reports
* Detailed financial reports available to send to contacts by email
* Full integration with Appsfire message center for easy customer feedback
* Availability in English, French and Spanish
* iOmoney Lite version also available. Comes with 5 payment limitation and iAds
* iOmoney full version allows unlimited payments and contains no ads


Cloud Vault


Announcing that SchoSoft, the developers of Cloud Vault, has released an important new product for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This new application provides users with a very secure way to synchronize any textual data across all of their devices, using strong encryption algorithms and iCloud for transfers, imports, backups, storage and restores. Cloud Vault is a safe and convenient app for accessing sensitive information from any iDevice. SchoSoft is also releasing a dedicated Cloud Vault app for Mac users in the first quarter of 2012.

In an age beset with hackers and identity thieves, one developer is committed to arming app users with data protection. It’s called Cloud Vault.

"We wanted to give people a way to work with their data remotely without having to worry about someone stealing their information. Providing convenience was also important and I believe that we’ve achieved both of those objectives," said Matthias Schorer, SchoSoft CEO.

Cloud Vault uses Apple’s iCloud and a strong 128 bit encryption algorithm to allow the secure transfer, storage, import, backup and restoring of any textual data. Any modifications to a user’s account, such as a password change or the restoring of information, results in the data being re-encrypted for additional security.

The application is a platform for busy people on the go, too. Users can enable the iCloud in their settings to allow synchronization of their textual data across all of their devices, thereby giving them access to their sensitive information from an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, regardless of the time or their location.

Joanne Carter, creator of the world’s most popular mobile photography and art website— TheAppWhisperer.com— TheAppWhisperer platform has been a pivotal cyberspace for mobile artists of all abilities to learn about, to explore, to celebrate and to share mobile artworks. Joanne’s compassion, inclusivity, and humility are hallmarks in all that she does, and is particularly evident in the platform she has built. In her words, “We all have the potential to remove ourselves from the centre of any circle and to expand a sphere of compassion outward; to include everyone interested in mobile art, ensuring every artist is within reach”, she has said. Promotion of mobile artists and the art form as a primary medium in today’s art world, has become her life’s focus. She has presented lectures bolstering mobile artists and their art from as far away as the Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea to closer to her home in the UK at Focus on Imaging. Her experience as a jurist for mobile art competitions includes: Portugal, Canada, US, S Korea, UK and Italy. And her travels pioneering the breadth of mobile art includes key events in: Frankfurt, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Brazil, London. Pioneering the world’s first mobile art online gallery - TheAppWhispererPrintSales.com has extended her reach even further, shipping from London, UK to clients in the US, Europe and The Far East to a global group of collectors looking for exclusive art to hang in their homes and offices. The online gallery specialises in prints for discerning collectors of unique, previously unseen signed limited edition art. Her journey towards becoming The App Whisperer, includes (but is not limited to) working for a paparazzi photo agency for several years and as a deputy editor for a photo print magazine. Her own freelance photographic journalistic work is also widely acclaimed. She has been published extensively both within the UK and the US in national and international titles. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Popular Photography & Imaging, dpreview, NikonPro, Which? and more recently with the BBC as a Contributor, Columnist at Vogue Italia and Contributing Editor at LensCulture. Her professional photography has also been widely exhibited throughout Europe, including Italy, Portugal and the UK. She is currently writing several books, all related to mobile art and is always open to requests for new commissions for either writing or photography projects or a combination of both. Please contact her at: joanne@theappwhisperer.com