SunLeaf Solar Launches Solar Charger for iPad and iPhone


SunLeaf Solar is pleased to introduce the new SunLeaf Pro, an iPad Solar Charger. SunLeaf’s solar charger is a USB-based device which plugs into electronic gadgets, such as an iPad or Kindle, and can fold up to an eighth of its size. The SunLeaf Pro is a convenient, portable, and powerful solar charger. Unlike traditional power sources, it provides power anywhere there is sunlight, such as the top of a mountain or your own backyard.

In ideal conditions (no clouds), the SunLeaf Pro is capable of fully charging an iPad in under 7 hours. An iPhone would charge fully in under three hours.

The optional high-capacity battery allows you to store energy so you can use your iPad during the day and recharge at night. Although it was designed for the iPad, all electronics that charge through a USB port are compatible with the SunLeaf Pro thanks to the included USB voltage controller.

This product retails for $165 and you can purchase it here.

The following are just a few examples:


* iPod touch (all generations)
* iPad (all generations)
* iPhone (all generations)
* Amazon Kindle and Fire
* GoPro video cameras
* PSP Go
* Nook Color
* Any other device which can charge from a USB port.

The box includes one SunLeaf Solar Charger, one USB voltage controller, and one Quick Start Guide.



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