iOS – 645 PRO – Coming Soon

The developers of the very popular iPhone Photography apps 6×6 and 6×7, contacted us yesterday to inform us of their upcoming new app, 645 PRO. It continues the tradition of being influenced by the world of Medium Format photography, but this time the inspiration is more modern high-end film and digital cameras. And, like today’s MF cameras, 645 PRO’s focus is on providing market-leading image quality above all else.

With 645 PRO, iPhone photographers finally get the chance to save RAW data, that can then be introduced into a professional workflow. That’s a must-have feature for some, but many photographers will be happy with the simplicity (and smaller files) of true Lossless JPEGs, another of the development options provided by 645 PRO.

Then there’s the handling. 645 PRO handles like a camera, not computer software. The feedback the developers received was remarkably consistent: "we don’t mind a minor learning curve if we have a tool where everything’s at our fingertips".

With 645 PRO, all the controls are "on-camera", with no menus or settings screens. Whether you want to lock focus, exposure or white balance, switch between Spot and Multi-Zone metering (another 645 PRO innovation), or dial in one of the five Backs or seven top-quality Film Modes, it’s all just "there". And control is backed up by information, from real-time readouts of shutter and ISO settings to (yet another first) a live histogram.

645 PRO—it feels like a pro camera. Because it is one



645 PRO has been designed, from the ground up, for professional and serious amateur photographers. So it works the way a camera works, not some piece of computer software.
Every setting is managed directly from the camera—no layers of menus to negotiate. You have instant access to everything that can be controlled, from focus/exposure and white balance locking to a 645 PRO-exclusive choice between spot and multi-zone metering.

And you have all the information you need, all the time, including a real-time ISO and shutter-speed reading and even a live histogram!

645 PRO—pro-quality output, for the first time



645 PRO is the first and only iPhone camera app to give you RAW image data*, a workflow essential for many professionals. Its JPEGs, too, are of a quality typically associated with higher-end digital cameras, with the option to save "lossless" JPEGs.

The JPEGs are enhanced by 645 PRO’s seven gorgeous Film Modes, inspired by classic film stock as used by top photographers from the 1960s through to the present day. You’ll get photographs from your iPhone like you never imagined!

645 PRO—coming soon to an iPhone near you!


645 PRO will soon be exclusively available from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Check Out The Demonstration Video



*Maximum manual control, minimum fuss
*Great low-light performance (Night Mode goes to 1 sec.)
*Two-stage shutter: “half press” provided by tap-hold
*Live preview and real-time LCD readout: see what you will capture and all relevant data (shutter/ISO/histogram)
*Switchable “backs”: five classic medium-format ratios
*Selectable film modes: seven professional color and B&W options inspired by classic print and transparency stock
*True “film-look” output saved as high-quality or lossless JPEGs, optional RAW file (via iTunes sharing)

Film modes

F4 – subtle, fine-grain B&W
H5 – high-contrast, high-grain B&W (think high-
speed neg/hard paper)
T3 – classic medium-grain medium-contrast
C42 – fine-grain color printing
E6K – a cooler style of transparency FC5 – rich, saturated: great for nature K14 – warm as toast, with rich blacks


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  • Mike Hardaker (

    I just want to clarify that the the “RAW image data” is not actually saved in a Camera RAW file format, but as a TIFF. Some people have been confused by this and it really isn’t our intention to mislead. However, the pixel data has never been through a JPEG compression process and is otherwise entirely unmolested by the app, which gives the photographer the “cleanest” possible starting-point for making their own adjustments.

    (Also, we’ve made a last-minute decision to compress the TIFFs with non-lossy LZW so they’re somewhat smaller than the “lossless” JPEGs, as it happens…)

    • Calisson

      I don’t think it makes sense to refer to the app’s ability to give the photographer RAW image data, and then say “it’s not really RAW, as in camera RAW file format, and we don’t mean to mislead anyone.” Why call it RAW at all, then? Anyone who knows the term RAW will assume you mean “camera RAW format”!

  • Hanselico

    So what is the purpose of the app if you can’t “handle” the “RAW” data on iPhone or iPad apps like Filterstorm, Snapseed?
    Don’t mean to be sarcastic but maybe I’m missing something.

  • Tanci

    This is quite exciting news, looking forward to it and the ability to set some of my own functions for a shot. Tiff…sounds great to me!

  • Mau

    Love 6×6 and 6×7 Apps from!!!! Focused on taking quality pictures….Really looking forward to this new Camera App. Can’t wait……fingers crossed Apple releases it to the store soon….