Snapguide Integrated With Pinterest – Creates Potential Advertising Possiblities


The first Apple app to integrate with Pinterest has just been announced to huge acclaim. Snapguide updated its app on Wednesday this week with the facility to share to Pinterest. Snapguide originally launched on 29 March and has ‘hundreds of thousands of users’ that average more than 23 minutes within the app with 7.6 million items shared to Facebook so far.

Snapguide founder and CEO Daniel Raffel talked with Adweek about how that happened.

“Basically Pinterest was interested in exploring ways that they could [entice app developers to build somethng that would] enable sharing [via Snapguide]. So one of their engineers came over and spent a couple hours over a weekend working with us in the office, and we basically built this with them,” Raffel said. For users to share to Pinterest through Snapguide, they must have the Pinterest app downloaded to their iOS device.

You can download Pinterest for iOS here and Snapguide here.



Adweek cut a good article they discuss how despite the fact that Instagram built an awesome product, it was largely built on it users base through Facebook and Twitter platforms, allowing users to share their content to the social networks and of course don’t forget Instagram’s $1 billion sale to Facebook.

No sooner had the Snapguide and Pinterest partnership beeing annouced when Raffel was ‘fielding’ calls from brands within hours and is currently in talks with “a few publicly traded billion-dollar companies” .

Raffel explained the outlook for Snapguide, ‘“At some point in the near future, we’re going to enable a way for users to browse by topic, and you can imagine a scenario where some topics are sponsored by third parties and the content that exists in those topics could be curated or even created by the sponsor.” Raffel added that Snapguide’s first brand partnership will bow within the next month’.

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