iOS – Soctics League/HD App Review


Soccer tactics games on iOS just got a whole lot more engrossing with this compelling and addictive app.



Developer: Bitongo Ltd
Price: $0.99 / £0.69 Version: 1.0
Released/Updated: May 31, 2012
Size: 20.7 MB
Rated: 4+

Our Ratings
Graphics/Sound: 4/5
User Interface: 4/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Re-use/re-play value: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: $0.99/£0.69

iPhone/Download here
iPad/Download here

What Is it?


New from developer Bitongo, Soctics League HD is game of tactics and skill that’s based on soccer but is vaguely reminiscent of air-hockey as the football can rebound off the touch-lines and goal-lines.

Continuing with the air-hockey analogy for a while, you use one or more players (up to a total of four) as ‘mallets’ to strike the football (or ‘puck’) with the aim to score a goal, and ultimately win the match.

There are some nice touches such being able to watch any of the moves again, over and over if necessay with the replay button, and you can either play against an online opponent, your iPad or a friend (you take turns in arranging your moves and then press the check button to watch it play out). This paid for version also allows you to challenge freinds using the Game Centre.

Is It Easy to Use?


Absolutely, yes it is. You arrange your moves by dragging the players from their current positions to where you intend them to move to, which results in a direction arrow (see above). You can adjust the course and length to replicate just how far and how swiftly the player will move, and thereby how hard the ball will be struck. But you can also adjust the size of the player, which also has a similar effect. At times you’ll be awarded binoculars to trace the predicted travel of the football, but as it’s a powerful advantage so access is limited.

Is It Fun?


Definitely, lots. One player must be used to strike the ball, ideally, but the other players can be used to either tackle (block) you opponent or to move into a position where the ball might be passed to or glance off from them, just as they might on a real pitch. None of this happens till you’ve hit the play button (the blue-coloured check-mark at the bottom of the screen (see above)) – doing so moves your players to those preset points and thus hopefully striking the ball. You repeat the process till either you or your opponent scores. If you get stuck, the app has a video tutorial built-in as well as a interactive tutorial, and there are even practice sessions (pitured above) to make sure you get the most from it.

Is It Pretty?


Some of the pitches look worn or muddy, presumably to impart a sense of realism to it all, it’s cool but maybe the developer will offer a fresh looking pitch as an option. There are some other neat touches though – your fanbase and accompanying chants) grow each time you play online and especially so if you start winning matches. And as well as league tables and a lobby (shown above) there’s a chat option so you can join in the conversation.

Should You Download It?


Yes, the standard version is just $0.99 / £0.69 to download and play for the iPhone/iPad, and there are no in-app purchases necessary. If you want to try it first to get an impression, a free iPad version (Soctics HD: Pocket Socker) and iPhone version, download here, exist but they do have adverts.

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