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A Day In The Life Of Roger Guetta aka DraMan – A Highly Respected And Incredibly Talented iPhone Photographer

Welcome to our very exciting new column on theappwhisperer.com. This section entitled ‘A day in the life of …’ is where we’ll be taking a look at some hugely influential, interesting and accomplished individuals in the mobile photography world. People that we think you will love to learn more about.

This is the twenty ninth installment of the series; you can read the others here, if you have missed any so far. Today we are featuring Roger Guetta, a Professor of Theatre Arts in Montreal for 30 years. Prior to that Roger spent many years in the field running his own theatre, painting and experimenting in photographic techniques. He has also been involved in the film business as screenwriter and producer. His works during that period where shown in both Montreal and Toronto galleries.

At one point Roger developed a painting technique on paper and silk which he is proud to say caught the eye of The Royal Ontario Museum. They consequently commissioned Roger to collaborate on two limited edition, leather bound editions of two famous Canadian Artists. Ron Bolt and one of their national treasures, Emily Carr.
These were very exciting years spent in Toronto. Roger’s theatre space was in a section of town which was barely on the radar at the time. He takes great pride in the fact that he was part of a community of artists, musicians, independent choreographers, café owners, restauranteurs and investors who helped transform that area into what is now known as Queen St. West. A very happening part of town.
Recently, he has been able to find representation in galleries both in Montreal and Toronto. Paradoxically, Roger’s gallery in Toronto is smack dab in the middle of Queen St. W., not far from where he enjoyed his youthful struggles. Last year Roger showed at a Montreal gallery. He split the three weeks there into sections. The first week, in an empty gallery space he held a live-feed (internet) event consisting of two twelve hour days of performance and discussion. Artists, musicians, activist, philosophers, raconteurs and dancers were invited to occupy the space for half an hour each to reveal/demonstrate ‘the state of their art.’ This was recorded and archived. The second week he showed his own ‘mobile art’ on large hand made rag paper pieces. The third week Roger showed his works through projectors on white walls. These were collaborations with artists working in that medium.
 Presently he is collaborating with a few artists and musicians in both Montreal and Toronto to create performance based events using his own work as the visual component.
I am also very proud of the fact that the on-line ‘Mobile Art’ community has shown my work respect by including me in their selections, shows and interviews, these last few years. Thank you, Knox, Daria, Edi, Nicki, Flo (and gang) Marty and Joanne for your hard work, dedication and love of the community. Keep on keeping’ on!!
Check out the full interview below…

We have included the app or apps that were used to create the final image, and as many of the images were cross processed we have listed the apps in the sequential order they were used in the editing process. We have also provided links for each app to the iTunes App Store, just incase you’re inspired enough to try them out for yourself as well as accessories used.

You can find all the links at the end of this article.

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First Things First…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Epic Reach’ – Apps Used – Image Blender, Phototexture, Touch Up, Snapseed

JC – Let’s start at the beginning of the day, how does your day start?

RG – I get up at around 7 AM and make a bee line straight to the coffee maker. One cup solo, then about a half hour later another cup, this time with a toasted bagel and cream cheese. I putter about, check my e-mail, see what’s going on on the social sites and app a pic or two. 

Magic Hour…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Farewell Tour’ – Apps Used – Touch Up, Snapseed, King Camera, Phototexture, Image Blender

JC – Do you like to head out and take photographs early on?

RG – I rarely plan a shoot. I just take a look-see at my environment as I go through my day and shoot what speaks to me. 

Photographer vs Mobile Photographer…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Fez’ – Apps Used – LoMob, Labeler, King Camera

JC – How did the transition from traditional photographer to mobile photographer develop?

RG – I’ve never really been a traditional photographer. I come from a fine arts background but sometimes dabbled with my  Polaroid SX70. I loved pushing the SX70’s emulsion to transform the image. When I did experiment with darkroom techniques, I found myself painting over my black and whites with food coloring. When I bought my DSLR, I immersed myself into Photoshop techniques. Always a manipulator, never a purist. Then, ( insert celestial music here ) I fell in love with the iPhone and the array of apps which make the transformative experience an absolute joy. I would like to take this opportunity to give big props to the app developers who are seldom mentioned. I am astounded daily at the care and love they put into their products. 

New Apps…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Hombre Strut’ – Apps Used – Image Blender, Snapseed, King Camera, Touch Up

JC – Do you like to download new mobile photography apps regularly?

RG – My phone has only 16 gig of storage so with all the pics and apps I have in it, it’s always a battle to keep it from boarding over with bits and bytes. So no, I love my old standards and keep app buying to a minimum. I’m waiting for the iPhone5. This time I’m topping it up with a gazillion gigs.



Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Lady in Waiting’ – Apps Used – Camera+, Touch Up, Snapseed, Phototexture, Image Blender

JC – How often do you update your existing apps?

RG – Not often enough, unfortunately. I get ‘oops’ moments quite a bit when I see 20 or so upgrades on the list.

Location, Location, Location…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Masked’ – Apps Used – Touch Up, Image Blender, Snapseed, ScratchCam, Phototexture

JC – Where’s your favorite place in the world for a shoot?

RG – I think that anywhere in the world would be the same. I would breathe in the ‘feel’ of the environment and go with the flow. The thing I love the most about the process is shooting, then being able to sit at a café and begin appin.’

Tools Of The Trade…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Of Poets And Romancers’ – Apps Used – Blur FX, Snapseed, Image Blender, Phototexture

JC – Do you also use mobile photography tool apps, such as The Photographer’s Ephemeris?

RG – Nope, I may have to google it.

Favorite Apps…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Portrait ¥Z¥’ – Apps Used – Photo Texture, Effects Camera, Snapseed, ScratchCam, King Camera

JC – What are your favorite iPhoneography apps, at the moment?

RG –

1. Touch ReTouch  
2.Image Blender



Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Radical Dances’ – Apps Used – Snapseed, Phototexture, Image Blender, PicGrunger, Touch Up

JC – Where do you like to upload your photographs? Flickr, Instagram?

RG – Flickr is my ‘go to’ platform, and I do occasionally upload to Instagram, but Pixels, EyeEm and IPA are also my destinations of choice. Facebook is also a great place to share.



Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Self Portrait As I See Myself’ – Apps Used – Image Blender, Snapseed, Slow Shutter Cam


JC – Do you take photographs with your iPhone everyday?

RG – Yes. I love it’s accessibility and I usually walk everywhere with it in my hand, the native camera at the ready. 

Favorite Subjects…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Serious Revival’ – Apps Used – Image Blender, PhotoTexture, Snapseed


JC – What are your favorite subjects?

RG – I really don’t have favorites as most of my work is blending many different elements which I hunt down everyday. I have to say, I just love the act. I put on my photographer hat when I’m out and just act accordingly. 

Top Five Tips…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘The Approach’ – Apps Used – Image Blender, Photo Texture, Snapseed, Slow Shutter Cam

JC – What are you top five tips for mobile photography?

RG –

1. Enjoy every part of the process. 
2. Think ‘out of the box’ as much as possible
3. Practice looking at your environment with new eyes everyday.
4. Because there are so many apps and so many decisions to make with each one…learn to trust your intuition.
5. Get a stylus for detail work – I use the Jot Classic



Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘The Man In The Middle’ – Apps Used – Touch Up, Image Blender, ScratchCam, Snapseed


JC – Do you edit images on your iPhone or do you prefer to do that on a desktop/laptop?

RG – All my work is executed on my iPhone4 or iPad.



Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘The Only Secret Left To Tell’ – Apps Used – Snapseed, Slow Shutter Cam, ProCamera, PicGrunger


JC – Do you enjoy videography with your iPhone?

RG – I have made a short documentary vid on important decisions people have made in their lives (which premiered at The International MINA Symposium at Massey University, NZ) as an aside, I have been asked to be part of the judging committee this year. I have also produced a few one minute vids for the group I run on FaceBook named Appstracts. I enjoy collaborating with other artists, so making the documentary afforded me that luxury. 

The Future Of Mobile Photography…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘The Other Story’ – Apps Used – Image Blender, ScratchCam, Cutout Creator, Touch Up

JC – Where do you see the future of mobile photography heading?

RG – I hope to see it continue to thrive as it has the last couple of years. Artists working in the field are putting out some astonishing work. Blogs, websites and platforms are featuring these works weekly, monthly and yearly. Juried gallery shows are more prevalent and I only see increased enthusiasm within the community. This ongoing dedication to this new art form can only be beneficial. Many are pushing the limits of what makes this an exciting and different artistic experience. We carry with us (in our small mobile devices) a ‘palette’ of practical applications which can enhance or transform images at a remarkable pace. For those who can take this totally ‘fun’ process ‘seriously’  it follows that recognition as  important artists is at hand. I have no doubt of that.   



Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘The Procession Dance’ – Apps Used – Camera+, Image Blender, Snapseed


JC – What do you think is the most popular area of mobile photography?

RG – I think street photography has a lock on popularity.

Where In The World…?


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘The Stronger’ – Apps Used – Image Blender, FireStorm, Touch Up

JC – Do you think it’s country specific, are some nations more ‘clued up’?

RG – There is an iPhoneographer by the name of Shea McJagger who is spending an entire year walking the earth. May I hold off on answering that question until after I confer with her at the end of her trip? She should have some interesting observations on the subject. 

JC – Yes we’re big fans of Shea, we interviewed her here.

iPhone 5…


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘The Traveller’ – Apps Used – Snapseed, King Camera, ScratchCam, Image Blender, addLib, Typewriter

JC – What do you hope for in the iPhone 5?

RG – I guess I just hope that the same high standard which has been applied to all MAC products in the last few decades, continues.



Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Two Enter’ – Apps Used – Photo Texture, Image Blender, iPhone 4, picFX


JC – What do you think of Joanne and theappwhisperer.com?

RG – From my correspondences with her, I get a feeling Joanne is a consummate professional who enjoys promoting the community. I think theappwhisperer, as a newcomer to the scene has thus far proven to be a wonderful platform to share and get to know each other a bit better. 

Complete Links To All The Apps Used And Mentioned In This Article


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Two Voices’ – Apps Used – Image Blender, Snapseed, Touch Up, Diptic

Image Blender
Iris Photo Suite
King Camera
Slow Shutter Cam
Touch Up
Touch ReTouch

Contact Details For Roger


Copyright Image – Roger Guetta – ‘Woman Walking’ – Apps Used – Iris Photo Suite, Chopsuey, Snapseed


Flickr Photostream
Pixelsatanexhibition stream
EyeEm Stream

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