iPad – Clefit – Temporary Price Drop


[clef – it] is an all-in-one creative application that leverages the capability and convenience of your iPad. Thе touch-based interface mаkеѕ fοr a simple design-bу-уour-fingers experience. It empowers you to seamlessly combine image, video, audio and text onto the same canvas to create and share interactive and immersive content. 

This app usually retails for $7.99 but today it is available for only $4.99/download here.



Writers: From books to short stories to magazines, Clefit contains all the tools you need to build a professional grade publication. You can even use the customization feature to develop a children’s book filled with interactivity.
Digital Scrapbooker: Clefit is the ideal way to capture and share those precious moments.
Portfolios: Use the portability of the tablet to share your work wherever you go. Applicable to actors, musicians, media and graphic designers, artists, painters, and photographers.

★ Presentations: Quick and easy tool to create interactive presentations, great for anyone in sales.
Teaching: The iPad is becoming an important learning tool with students, use Clefit to develop lesson plans, students can turn in assignments via Dropbox and eliminate the need for paper.

★ Businesses: Create and share projects among peers in your office.

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