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Top 10 MIDI Controller Apps For iPad

There are some incredible music apps for your iPad and in this group we have selected our top 10 of the best MIDI controller apps. If you’re not sure which MIDI controller app to purchase, then this list should help you narrow it down. The iPad blends itself so well to the music genre in many ways it is one of the strongest categories of all for it, enjoy this post.



iControlMIDI is a UI Friendly and Workflow Efficient Solution that let you control your MIDI machines and software, simply from your iPad.

iControlMIDI is Plug & Play (actually there is nothing to plug!).
In 3-clicks on your Mac or couple of clicks on your PC, you are up and running…
iControlMIDI uses your:
• iPad with WiFi connectivity
• WiFi router (like an AirPort)
• [MAC] MacOS / Utilities / AudioMIDISetup / Network (MIDI Network Sessions)
• [PC] rtpMIDI and Apple Bonjour

iControlMIDI let you control all MIDI controllable parameters.
Parameter Name and Value displayed on iControlMIDI UI are the same as the ones displayed on your synth if you were to program it from its control panel!


MIDI Touch


MIDI Touch is the ultimate MIDI controller – it allows you to create your own custom controllers by placing knobs, sliders and other controls onto the screen wherever you want.

Send MIDI over Wi-Fi with latency as low as 2-5ms, and now with iOS 4.2 you can connect compatible MIDI hardware devices directly to iPad for near-zero latency using the USB Camera Connection Kit. For a list of compatible devices, go to http://iosmidi.com/devices.




S1MidiTrigger turns your iPad or iPhone into a customizable touchscreen MIDI controller that can replace hardware devices costing hundreds of dollars. Connect wirelessly to audio workstation applications on the PC or Mac, or use Line 6’s MIDI Mobilizer hardware add-on!

You can use the built-in controller screens or design your own, with touch pads (for drums and other instruments), sliders, X-Y pads and more.




MIDIPilot turns your iPad into a configurable, multifunction MIDI controller, using its multi-touch display to play notes and control synthesizer and effects parameters to a computer over a WiFi connection.

MIDIPilot is modular in structure, and can operate as various combinations of a scrollable, piano-style keyboard with pitch bender, controller ribbons and X-Y pads.




eyoControl is a set of MIDI controllers enabling control of your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software from your iPad in various ways, such as a control surface or a virtual instrument.

eyoControl includes the following controllers:

– Surface: a control surface supporting the Mackie Control protocol. Surface presents a traditional Mixer view with per-track buttons/knobs/faders, and a Panel View with quick access to the status of 64 tracks. Supports major DAW such as Logic, Cubase… (read details about DAW support at http://eyosido.com/eyocontrol/surface).

– Pad: a 4/6/8/12-pads MIDI controller with tap-location sensitive (controls MIDI note velocity) pads suitable to play drum parts. Each pad has a configurable color/MIDI channel/note. A global velocity slider adds up to the velocity control of each pad.
and more…


Amos: Another MIDI OSC Source


Amos is a reactive MIDI iPad instrument. It sends MIDI notes through a USB MIDI interface or over a wireless network to trigger sounds from software synths, MIDI-capable hardware or desktop DAWs like GarageBand, ProTools and Live.

In Amos’s physics-simulated room, collisions between objects trigger MIDI notes. Up to three duration discs (half note, quarter note, eighth note) can be grabbed and thrown around the room. There are three 6-octave keyboards that can be configured via the Settings menu. When a disc strikes a keyboard key, it takes on that key‘s note value and emits that value for each collision until a new key is struck. Tilting the device controls the gravity in the room.




expressionPad is a new kind of midi/synth controller. Continuous multi-touch support means you can control pitch bend, dynamics, and modulation with each touch, even as you change notes.

expressionPad features a built-in polyphonic synthesizer so you can start making music right away. Experience the flexibility of polyphonic portamento — an electronic music first!

Connect to your music studio via Wifi MIDI. With expressionPad and our free moxMidi tool enables you to control Reason, Ableton Live, Logic, Garage Band, and more!




Navigate around your live set with the touch of a finger, tweak Lives mixer, instruments and fx with full automapping and unlimited tracks & parameters.
touchAble allows live users to walk away from their computer and perform live from anywhere within Wi-Fi range while keeping latency at a minimum.
Play your favorite synths with the unique double keyboard or record your rhythms with the 16 drum pads, including 5 velocity steps & octave selectors.
Access the most important transport and clip functions without losing focus on your set and tweak the same set with two iPads with the unique Dual-User-Mode.
do you need to adjust volume, launch a new clip and play a device? Don’t worry – a smart and intuitive screen menu empowers the user to arrange and switch modules on the fly.


OnStage Remote


OnStage Remote is a bespoke Midi Wifi Controller for your iPad.

Quickly assign and send Note, Program Change and Controller data to your chosen DAW over a wireless network.
The on-board keyboard is perfect for firing in samples during your performance.


StepPolyArp – Midi Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator


StepPolyArp is a midi step polyphonic arpeggiator. The arpeggiator does not play any sound itself, it transmits midi notes to a Mac or a PC to be used in combination with any sequencer, virtual instrument (VSTi, Audio Unit) or midi synthesizer.

The arpeggiator can transform chords into sequences of notes played one after the other in several ways. A matrix polyphonic step modulate arpeggiated notes in time and pitch. The main controllers (velocity, modulation, panning, volume, aftertouch, and pitch bend) are also programmable through a step editor. The integrated keyboard automatically adapts to the selected musical scale.


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  • Tom Parsons

    Hi, if you have more than one of these midi apps installed, what is the best way to toggle between the two on a wifi midi network with osx? I have a keyboard program and a drum machine program, both featuring wireless midi, but unfortunately they seem to interfere with each other. I want to switch between the two programs for different recording sessions on my daw.

  • Edward T

    Well, probably the easiest way to disable a certain midi app is to use the app’s settings to turn off core midi. Otherwise, you could use the Audio Midi Setup utility to disable the entire connection to the device, but that’s probably not what you want.

    If you’re looking for a hassle-free wireless midi controller then I recommend this iphone midi app. It auto-connects so you never have to click to connect it to your computer. You can tap it or shake it as well.

    In your case, you could get that app and then manually disable it’s core midi connection in its settings when you want to switch to another app. It might even do that automatically.

  • Dr. 2050 (Dan Rosenstark)

    Hi. Thanks for this great article. Since it was written MIDI Designer was released (January 2012).

    I created MIDI Designer for my own use in music. If you don’t mind, I’ll go over some of its characteristics here. Thanks!

    MIDI Designer is the most fully-featured, designable MIDI control surface for iPad. MIDI Designer allows the user to create a beautiful, perfect MIDI rig easily from basic controls like knobs, sliders and X-Y pads.

    MIDI Designer allows for seamless integration with external MIDI pedalboards for the ultimate, infinite virtual foot-controllable rig.

    Other features that set MIDI Designer apart:
    – Beautiful, customizable page textures, colors
    – Unique two-up page design and page banks make navigation intuitive and flexible
    – Supercontrols, control “copies” and several other advanced features for creating useful inter-control relationships
    – Slider and knob “overlays” [patent pending]
    – Save and recall preset values
    – Save, recall, copy and share layouts
    – Rock-solid, performance ready sub-5ms latency over Wifi

    MIDI Designer comes in two versions: MIDI Designer Lite (free) and MIDI Designer Pro.

    Thanks again for allowing this comment on this great write-up!

  • Sergey

    There is one new app which I tried, its called Wiksnet “Midi Studio” its best app to work with midi.

  • Alessandro

    Is there any midi app to control an ipad or an iphone from another one directly, avoiding mac or pc ? Thanks

  • Dan Rosenstark

    Hi Alessandro,

    MIDI Designer (currently for iPad only, but the iPhone version is coming out later this month) can connect directly from one iPad to another via Wifi. I believe that other apps will let you do this as well.


  • Midi Controller Reviews

    Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after
    I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

  • iReese

    im new to this nd using Garageband on iMac, but is pianoist pro just as good as these high priced wifi MIDI if not whats better am i missing something…$49.99 really?

  • Bill Wanderfuss

    I want to use the new app “Pearl Guitar” on iPad (iOS app) to control the MIDI guitar track in GarageBand… Anyone know if this is possible?

    I’m trying to avoid going the traditional keyboard controller route and want to know if I can also avoid using a separate USB MIDI controller. Is it possible to do with only the iPad, the iMac and the regular 30 pin connector going from iPad to iMac?

    Maybe I’m being too ambitious? 😀

  • rober7

    hi, does anyone know about a midi controller app that will works with studio one3, artist version from presonus? i have an ipad first generation that i use with my presonus mixer and works just fine. i downloaded an app call CHORDION, ($3.99) but the app is just not starting up! apparently a lot of users are having the same issue with this app. my budget is a little low right now, other wise i will buy not an app but a nice MIDI controller for my drums software. i will appreciate any help. thanks!