Social Media Marketing – By Rick Sammon – For Photographers


This is a brand new iOS from Rick Sammon’s stable entitled – Getting Started with Social Media Marketing for Photographers, it is designed for business-minded photographers who want to grow their business.

This app is launching at a promotional rate of $9.99/£6.99 but will go up after July 15. You can read more about it below. To download, just go here.



This app, Rick’s narrated Keynote presentation on the business side of photography, is divided into five easy-to-follow parts plus an introduction. Each part is a QuickTime movie, so you can start, stop, go back and fast forward at your own pace.

This app is approximately 190 MB. Download over WiFi Connection is required (although once the app is downloaded an internet connection is not required). Download times will vary based on your internet speed.

Rick could have called the app, The Business Side of Photography, because he talks about many different aspects of the photography business.

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