Midland Sun Headphones – Review


We’ve been testing these headphones for a few weeks back at theappwhisperer HQ and we’re quite impressed. The marketing claim of these headphones is that they help you ‘beat the heat’ as they’re ‘cooling headphones’. They are lined with cotton and have a ‘transpiring’ fabric on the outside, in order to keep your ears cool. Well, we are not entirely convinced they keep our ears cool but they are quite comfortable nonetheless.

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They’re quite compact headphones but do not fold up tightly, they are incredibly lightweight though. They come complete with two cables, one cable acts as a answer/control, so you can interrupt your music listening to answer a call on your handset. This cable is also equipped with a microphone and a multi-function button allowing you to make hands free calls. These headphones will fit most makes of smart phone, including the Apple iPhone 4.

The second cable is for 2 way radios with 2 pin connection, useful for inflight usage.

The sound is good but if you’re really serious about your music quality then these are no match for something like the awesome DrBeats. However, they are also not as pricey as those either.

These headphones are very practical, comfortable and retail for only £34.95. They are available in Black or Orange color ways. To find out more, or to order, go here.

2 Pin Connection Cable



Main Cable



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