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Ahiku Corp today is proud to introduce the outstanding product, Recood Pro to make happy, joyful and precious memories beautifully more than its remembrance. At the beginning of this year, Recood close beta has been released and more than 60% women loved to use it. Adding ‘gold’ system, updating more simple design, improving speed and focusing on making distinctive video effects, such as Bubble Shine, Aurora April, Soda Spring and Crazy Glass Recood Pro has been launched. Also exceptional feature, named ‘FX Trigger’ will give more energy to videos.

You can read more about this app below. It retails for $3.99/£2.49/download




People don’t want long ordinary boring videos to make. And they don’t like complicated & professional features either. Then what users really want? They want just beautiful memories! Recood is Perfect for this purpose.

In addition to the basic feature – recording videos, there are:
* A variety of sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, email, text message, and more)
* Automatic upload to YouTube
* Recording location tagging
* Communication through comments, mentions, and others



Special features of Recood:
* ‘Real time’ Video Filters –  Video filter effects are easy to apply while recording video in real time
* ‘Fast’ Recording – Recording and playing are fast as a photo
* ‘Ease’ of Use – It’s intuitive to use even for first-time users

The awesome things about Recood Pro:
* Really convenient and easy to record a video just as much as taking a picture
* Supporting a variety of unique effects to make beautiful memories for a daily life
* Supporting a simple sharing feature to enjoy with loved ones

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