The App Whisperer Has Partnered With Pulse


We use Pulse all the time here at theappwhisperer, it’s an excellent way to check out your favorite websites in real time. It’s similar to Flipboard except that that feeds from your Twitter feed, Pulse feeds from your website RSS so in our opinion is a lot more useful, if you want to follow specific websites and keep up to date with what has been published.

Now it’s even easier to follow on Pulse as we’ve partnered with them. Once you download this briliant free app, head over to the Art & Design section, then select Photography and scroll down, you’ll see our icon and name there. Just click on us and all our posts will be added to you Pulse directory.

Pulse is available on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, so there’s no excuse for not checking us out.

Pulse for iPhone/download
Pulse for iPad/download
Pulse for Android/download










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