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Mobile Shorts Tiny Shutter Advantage – PhotoToaster

Hello mobile photography fans, let me start by saying how honored I am for the opportunity to contribute my two cents here on I am humbled to be among such great talented photographers sharing their experience, knowledge, and tips with this incredible community. I look forward to learning along with all of you from these masters and look forward to sharing my experience and enthusiasm for mobile photography and photography in general with you.

In the first episode of Mobile Shorts Tiny Shutter Advantage I offer up a quick tip related to the new update of Photo Toaster, but one that really transfers over to photo editing in general and can be used in variations across many apps.

Check out the detailed Photo Toaster walthrough by Teri Lou Dantzler I mentioned in the video.





Keith Tharp is a Professional photographer working as Marketing director/ photography manager at a running sports event management company in New England. Keith is a lifelong photo enthusiast and as a result began Champion Photo, his sports photography business in 2005 which led him to his current position. As well as all that, Keith is one of the guys behind the Tiny Shutter podcast along with co-host Marc Sadowski. They later added Matt Hoffman to the show because ‘he’s a great iPhone Photographer and fun to have around’ and of course shares the passion. You may recall Keith from the recent PetaPixel post where both he and Marc captured a wedding with nothing more than iPhones and Hipstamatic.


  • melia

    i LOVE when i learn something new about an app i already utilize

    thank you Keith

    and thank you appwhisperer for finding and sharing all of these geniuses.

  • Joanne Carter

    Thank you Melia for your great comment, we love it when our readers give us feedback, it helps us direct the content and ensure that everyone is always happy. So pleased you’re loving this one, plenty more enroute, thanks to the brilliant Keith Tharp.

  • Rick in Oakville

    I use Photo Toaster on my iPad 2 to fine tune pics taken on my Olympus E620. And it all works beautifully.

  • Teri Lou

    Thank you so much for the mention to my video of PhotoToaster. So good to hear that you enjoyed it so much that it is a top app now! 😉