Smartphones And Digital Photography – Where Is It Going?


I was taking a look through my archives and felt that it might be a good idea to revisit this article I wrote for back in October 2011. It’s an opinion piece discussing how smartphones are changing digital photography, there are many aspects of it that are ‘dated’ now in terms of hardware that I mentioned but the fundamentals remain and with the current ‘confusion/disillusionment’ many iPhone photographers are reporting, I felt this may be of help. I will be updating this article soon with a clearer reflection on where we are now. Have a read and please send me a comment, does it help you or not?

Click here to head over to dpreview to have read, this article is published on the main site.


2 thoughts on “Smartphones And Digital Photography – Where Is It Going?”

  1. An awful degree of myopia in many of the comments posted on the dpreview site. The simple fact is that lots of people are taking more photographs with smartphones and some of the results are outstanding.

    It’s pretty clear to me that the majority of people using the iPhone see the picture ‘taking’ as the first step and the processing as a creative outlet to add emotion and interest to an image. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pinhole camera, a view camera, or a smartphone to record, it’s the eye and heart of the individual.

  2. Recently switched from an iphone to the galaxy s3 why is there such a lack of interest in this platform and community?


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