The Hungry Ghost Facebook Group Screenshow


The Hungry Ghost Facebook group set up by Steve Cooper is a hugely inspiring mobile photography/art group to me and so many others. I’ve selected some of the images and created a screenshow of them, I hope you all enjoy this.

This is how Steve describes the group:

“Within the world of Buddhism there is a myth about a hell-realm populated by beings whose appetites exceed their capacity for satisfaction. Their stomachs are huge but their throats are tiny. No matter how much they try to eat, their hunger remains.

We are all in some sense, hungry ghosts. It doesn’t matter how much we accumulate we always seem to want more. Whether we obtain material wellbeing and wealth, or emotional lust and love, we still continue to obsess about anything that will resolve the sense of incompletion, imperfection, or the suffering we find inside. We believe if only we can obtain just the right combination we’ll find the serenity we so desperately seek. Sometimes we do this at the increasing expense of our selves, our families, our friends, our work, our health, and ultimately, our lives. Our efforts evolve from being merely delusional manifestations of ego to something far more insidious. So what is it all about? Greed? People always wanting things to fill and empty space? To make up for the slowly fading grace of our youthfull grand hopes and dreams? The things we think are pointless in our youth become the mainstays of a self-content and mature adult life. But we always feel we have forgotten something along the way. But there is no time to think, no time to remember….the hungry ghost must be fed!”

If you’d like to join this group, you can check it out here.



6 thoughts on “The Hungry Ghost Facebook Group Screenshow”

  1. Wonderful images!!! Thank you for sharing this group and the work these artists are creating… absolutely inspirational!

  2. Thanks for creating this slideshow; gorgeous images! Steve gives a great explanation of hungry ghosts. Such an interesting concept that really can be spread over all ones life….trying to work through/let go and find peace and contentment. ;-).

  3. Bravo Steve, what en eloquent way to describe not only this group, but society as a whole. The art gathered here is amazing! Thanks for adding my shot Joanne!


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