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A Day in the Life of Aylin Argun – The Most Wonderfully Creative And Artistic Mobile Photographer


Welcome to our very exciting column on theappwhisperer.com. This section entitled “A Day in the Life of…” is where we take a look at some hugely influential, interesting and accomplished individuals in the mobile photography world… people that we think you will love to learn more about.

This is our seventy seventh installment of the series. If you have missed our previous interviews, please go here. Today we are featuring Aylin Argun. Aylin lives in Istanbul / Turkey. She attended basic photography education and darkroom seminars in 2005 at AFSAD (Ankara association of photograph artists). Afsad is one of Turkey’s most prominent photography training centers.

Aylin has been an amateur photographer for a long time and has been working on iPhone photography and editing photographs via iPhone applications for over a year. Along with black & white photography works, she has been working on painterly photography with an emphasis on auto/biography.

Some of her artworks have already been on display at photography related blogs and have been selected for display at various competitions organized by iPhone art groups. In August 2012, eight of her artworks were selected to be displayed in Santa Monica Art Studios for LA Mobile Arts Festival among 50 other photographers. In December 2012, one of her printed photographs was selected with the highest vote by the Third Wave (iPhonic Art) exhibition jury, having been displayed at the Third Wave (iPhonic Art) exhibition in Berkeley/California and Bremen/Germany. In December 2012 again one of her photos was displayed in Mobilepixation/24 Mobile at Unit24 Gallery in London.

You can find all the links to the apps used or mentioned at the end of this article.

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Aylin Argun

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “He Who Sees Your Darkness, Captures Your Soul” – Apps: Snapseed and ArtRage




First Things First…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “2 Of Us” – Apps: Camera+, Snapseed and Image Blender


Joanne – Let’s start at the beginning of the day, how does your day start?

Aylin – Always with the kiss of Mondi! Mondi who is a 10 year old female Jack Russell Terrier who has been living with me since her birth. I am one of those who can’t awake without drinking a cup of coffee. I thus make my coffee once I wake up and feed my cats. In the meantime, I check my e-mails, take a look at photos shared at IPA, Instagram and Flickr, and try to respond to incoming comments.

stisnasz her zaman  Mondi’nin öpücüüyle…Mondi,doduu günden beri benimle birlikte yaayan 10 yanda  dii bir jack russel terrrier !  Kahvesini içmeden  kendine gelemeyen biriyim ,uyanr uyanmaz kahvemi yapp, bu arada kedilerimin karnn doyururum .Kahvemi içerken de maillerime ve IPA,Instagram ve Flickr da paylalan ilere bakmaya,bana gelen yorumlara cevap vermeye  çalrm.

Golden Hour…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Back to Black” – Apps: Camera+, Snapseed and ArtRage


Joanne – Do you like to head out and take photographs early on?

Aylin – Actually I can hardly do that as I usually go to bed towards morning. But I take a walk to the sea and take photos along the way on those days when I can’t still sleep towards sunrise. I am one of those who loves the nights and become more energetic after dark. But, I like the early hours of the day as well; I like to catch both moon and sun and enjoy those moments.

Genelde sabaha kar anca yataa giden biri olduum için bu çok mümkün olmuyor,bazen günein douuna yakn  hala uyumamsam mutlaka denize doru yürüyüe çktm oluyor ve yol boyunca fotoraf da çekiyorum tabii .Ben geceyi seven ve hava karardktan sonra daha enerjik olan biriyim ama ayn zamanda sabahn çok erken saatlerini de çok seviyorum ,hem ay hem de günei yakalayp o anlar yaamak çok houma gidiyor.

Photographer vs. Mobile Photographer

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Don’t coming with you, not yet!!!” – Apps: B&W Lab, Snapseed and ArtRage


Joanne – How did the transition from traditional photographer to mobile photographer develop? (pardon the pun).

Aylin – In the past years, I received training on photography and I have been taking photos since I was 15 years old. I am not a photographer but one who loves taking photos. My analogue camera is still with me but I haven’t used it for a while. Actually I started mobile photography with my mobile phone before my current iPhone. It had an 1.3 mp camera and it didn’t have any application for editing at the time. I used to like to print the photographs I have taken on paper and use them on my collages by mixing them with other materials and colors especially in artistic works I have done for myself. I can now do all these things via the iPhone only as well. Besides, neither space nor time is important to do all these.

Geçmi ylllarda ,fotorafçlk konusunda bir eitim aldm ve 15 yandan beri de fotoraf çekiyorum,fotorafç deilim ,fotoraf çekmeyi seven biriyim yalnzca .Analog fotoraf makinem hala duruyor ama bir süredir kullanmyorum.Mobil fotorafçla i phone umdan önceki cep telefonumla baladm aslnda ,1.3 mp kameras vard ve tabii edit yapmak için herhangi bir app yoktu o srada …çektiim fotoraflar kada basp, yaptm kolajlarda kullanmay seviyordum,boya ve dier malzemelerle kartrarak kendim için yaptm baz sanatsal  ilerde … imdi bütün bunlar yalnzca i phone la da yapabiliyorum ,üstelik ne mekan ,ne de zaman önemli deil bunlar yapabilmek için …

New Apps…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Dream of Free Fall” – Apps: ArtRage, Image Blender, TouchRetouch, Snapseed and Squareready


Joanne – Do you like to download new apps regularly?

Aylin – Not regularly but occasionally. I download apps if they appeal to me. Because, some apps I currently use satisfy me. Besides, there are so many combinations that I haven’t tried yet!

Düzenli olarak deil ama arada srada bakyorum ve ilgimi çeken bir ey olursa indiriyorum çünkü u anda skça kullandm birkaç app beni tatmin ediyor,hatta denemediim kombinasyonlar daha o kadar çok ki !


a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Eve” – Apps: Image Blender, Snapseed, Grunge, Geom-e Twee and SlowShutter


Joanne – How often do you update your existing apps?

Aylin – As long as I am informed of the updates by App Store.

App Storedan güncellemelerle ilgili haber geldikçe …

Location, Location, Location…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “I Will Not Obey” – Apps: Camera+ and Image Blender


Joanne – Where’s your favorite place in the world for a shoot?

Aylin – There is no specific place for me, wherever I am at that moment that is the place! I have been living in a small coastal town for the past year and a half. Unfortunately, I am not traveling that much. Trees, clouds, sea, plants, flowers: My materials all come from the nature itself..  I always use them in my works.

Benim için öyle bir ey yok ,o an neredeysem oras !  Son bir buçuk yldr küçük bir sahil kasabasnda yayorum ve seyahat eden biri deilim maalesef .Aaçlar,bulutlar,deniz,bitkiler,çiçekler… yani doadan malzemeler,bunlar mutlaka kullanyorum ilerimde

Tools of The Trade…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Invisible Walls” – Apps: Camera+ , Grunge, ArtRage and Snapseed


Joanne – Do you also use iPhone photography tool apps, such as The Photographer’s Ephemeris and if so do you use it to plan your shoots?

Aylin – I haven’t heard about it so far! I am one of those who lives without plans 🙂 I don’t think I will use it.

imdiye kadar hiç duymamtm !  Ben  hiçbir eyi planlayamayan biriyim :))) Kullanacam hiç sanmyorum .


Favorite Apps…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “It”s Over Now” – Apps: Hipstamatic, ScratchCam and Snapseed


Joanne – What are your favorite, at the moment, iPhoneography apps?

Aylin – I have some favorite apps.. I can mention some of them that I have used frequently.. Art Rage, B&W Lab, Snapseed, Blender, Noir and Modern Grunge are some of them. But I must add that I don’t like to use them in a standard way. I absolutely modify them via other apps in line with my taste and point of view.

Favori app larm  var diyebilirim , çok sk kullandm birkaç tane söyleyebilirim ,Art Rage,B&W Lab,Snapseed,Blender,Noir,Modern Grunge gibi … fakat unu da eklemek isterim bunlarn hiç birinin verdii sonucu o ekliyle kullanmay sevmiyorum ,mutlaka kendi zevkime ve bak açma göre dier bir app sayesinde deitiriyorum .


a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Lost Angel” – Apps: Camera+ , Iris Photo Suite, ArtRage and Snapseed


Joanne – Where do you like to upload your photographs? Flickr, Instagram?

Aylin – I have been downloading my photos to Instagram since the beginning. But my focus is rather on Flickr nowadays. I am actually a newcomer for Flickr but I like it! Moreover, I download my new work to IPA as well.

Instagram’a en bandan beri  yüklüyordum ama bu günlerde Flickr a daha çok younlatm ,orada daha yeniyim ,sevdim ! Ayrca IPA ya her yeni imi yüklüyorum .


a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Oblivion” – Apps: Camera+ , Grunge and Snapseed


Joanne – Do you take photographs with your iPhone everyday?

Aylin – Sometimes I take photos a lot while some days never.

Baz günler çok, baz günler hiç 😉

Favorite Subjects…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Pomana” – Apps: Juxtapose, Image Blender and Snapseed


Joanne – What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

Aylin – I usually work on self-portraits so my major material is my own body. Themes and subjects, on the other hand, change in accordance with my mood. The subject becomes what I feel at that day and what is happening inside me.

Ben genelde self portre çalan biriyim o yüzden ana malzemem kendi bedenim,konular da yine benim ruh halime göre deiiyor aslnda ,o gün ne hissediyorsam ,içimde neler olup bitiyorsa konu da o oluyor&hellip.

Top Five Tips…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Soul Train” – Apps: ArtRage and Snapseed


Joanne – What are your top five tips for iPhone photography?

Aylin – I have no top five tips, it changes for everybody; Frankly, I don’t think this is something that can be done through reading or learning. All can find its own way based on her or his own experience.. The only thing I want to say is that people should be themselves and create their works by looking at their inner world without imitating!

Top be tavsiyem yok ,bu herkese göre deiir. Açkcas bu tip konularda okuyup ,örenebilecek bir ey olduunu düünmüyorum,herkes kendi yolunu deneyimleyerek kendi bulur . Tek bir ey söylemek istiyorum,kimsenin yaptn yapmaya çalmadan,kendileri olsunlar ,sadece içlerine dönüp yaratsnlar !


a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Taste Me” – Apps: Camera+, ArtRage, Grunge and Snapseed


Joanne – Do you edit images on your iPhone or do you prefer to do that on a desktop/laptop?

Aylin – I do everything only with my iPhone.

Her eyi yalnzca iphone da yapyorum .


a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Taste Of A Memory” – Apps: Snapseed and ArtRage


Joanne – Do you enjoy videography with your iPhone?

Aylin – I have a few video trials for now and I enjoyed a lot. I will continue, I have very creative and good ideas about it.

Birkaç video denemem var imdilik,çok keyif aldm ve devam da edeceim ,aklmda güzel eyler var bununla  ilgili…

The Future of Mobile Photography…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “The Health Giver” – Apps: SlowShutter, Grunge, Snapseed, and Geom-e Twee


Joanne – Where do you see the future of iPhone photography?

Aylin – I don’t know, everything is changing very rapidly. But I personally think that the works done via the iPhone have already taken a significant place in contemporary art..

Hiç bilemiyorum ,her ey çok hzl deiiyor ama daha imdiden iphone ile yaplan ilerin çada sanatta çok iyi yer tuttuunu düünüyorum.


a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “The Witch and the Cat” – Apps: Camera+, Image Blender, Snapseed and ScratchCam


Joanne – What do you think is the most popular area of iPhone photography?

Aylin – I don’t know, I am indifferent to what is popular, I am just trying to express what I feel inside. It will be a bit irrelevant to your question but I have met many lovely people from all over the world and I like this.

Bilmiyorum,popüler olan eylere tamamen kaytszm .Ben yalnzca içimdekileri ifade etmeye çalyorum … soruyla çok ilgili olmayabilir belki bu ama dünyann bir çok yerinden çok eker insanlarla tantm ,bu houma gidiyor.

Where In The World?

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “The Woman Who Wasn’t Here” – Apps: Camera+, Image Blender, Juxtapose, ScratchCam and Snapseed


Joanne – Do you think it’s country specific, are some nations more clued up?

Aylin – Good question! When I looked at the social media where the photographs taken by iPhone are shared, I see many people from different part of the world. But what I talk about is not those who take the photos of everything and download them, there are many who are very creative. If we generalize the picture, they are mostly from the America, some countries of Europe and Japan.  I had a chance to participate in some exhibitions with my works and these events took place in these countries. (except Japan). So it seems there are some conscious initiatives there in this respect. I don’t think this issue has comprehensively been understood and valued in my country. I think they assume that the issue is all about Instagram.

Bu güzel bir soru ! Aslnda iphonela çekilen fotoraflarn paylald sosyal medya ortamlarna baktmda dünyann bir çok yerinden insanlar görüyorum ama tabii bahsettiim ey her eyi çekip ,yükleyen insanlar deil, çok yaratc iler yapan insanlar var . Bunlar arasnda  bir genelleme yaparsak,Amerika ,Avrupa’nn baz ülkeleri ve Japonya dan insanlar çounlukta … u ana kadar birkaç sergiye ilerimle katlma frsatm oldu ve bunlar da yine bahsettiim ülkelerde gerçekleti (Japonya dnda ) demek ki oralarda bilinçli bir eyler oluyor bu bahsettiiniz konuda 😉 Kendi ülkemde bu konunun henüz anlaldn düünmüyorum,sanrm instagramdan ibaret sanyorlar :))

iPhone 5…

a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “These Are My Flowers That You Could Never See” – Apps: Iris Photo Suite, Snapseed, Grunge and Image Blender


Joanne – Any thoughts on the new iPhone 5?

Aylin – We haven’t met yet, I like my iPhone 4, we have achieved many things together!

Henüz tanmadk 🙂 phone4 ümü seviyorum ,onunla beraber  çok iler baardk !


a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “This Witch Is About To Fly” – Apps: Camera+, ArtRage and Snapseed


Joanne – What do you think of Joanne and theappwhisperer.com?

Aylin – Joanne , I see you as a fairy godmother who does her work with passion   And I wish theappwhisperer.com good luck! I follow it! Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Joanne ,seni yapt ii severek,akla  yapan bir iyilik perisi gibi görüyorum  ve baarlar theappwhisperer.com diyorum ,takip ediyorum ! Çok teekkür ediyorum bana bu frsat verdiin için .


a day in the life

© Aylin Argun – “Touch” – Apps: Image Blender, ArtRage, Snapseed and ScratchCam


Iris Photo Suite
Modern Grunge
Image Blender
Geom-e Twee
Slow Shutter
B&W Lab


© Aylin Argun – “You Cannot Move With A Chair” – Apps: SlowShutter, ArtRage and Snapseed

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