Aquarella and Aquarella HD – New App From JixiPix Developers


JixiPix Software today began shipping Aquarella, an artistic iOS software solution designed to help professional artists, photographers and amateurs quickly and easily achieve a natural looking watercolor painting with all the delicate details of a traditional watercolor. Aquarella overcomes limitations in other software products with a revolutionary new”wet” algorithm simulating overlapping strokes of pigment dried dark along the edges, delicate blooms and color washes to achieve a truly wet and natural appearance.

Aquarella and Aquarella HD, available for iPhone and iPad respectively, provides all the creative tools needed to transform an image into a professional-looking watercolor and is the perfect compliment to a series of JixiPix artistic apps developed for digital artist, photographer and creative professionals, giving them the ability to achieve realistic watercolor creations true to a traditional aqua-media. The app also boasts a collection of colorful washes and a series of control sliders that allow the fine-tuning each watercolor creation.




Watercolor Styles:
* Aquarella – Classic watercolor style using the original colors from the photo
* Two Tone – Replaces the original photo colors with two pastel ones; or allows users to choose two from the built-in color picker

Key Features:
* Two professional-quality watercolor styles
* Easy-to-use slider controls adjust color details, edge detail and wet edges
* Achieve thousands of watercolor styles by simply adjusting the settings, colors and washes
* Undo / Redo
* Use large photos for a high-end result!
* Choose a preset for a quick start or make your own for future project
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Pricing and Availability
Aquarella and Aquarella HD can be purchased immediately at the iTunes App Store for $1.99/£1.49.

iPhone version/download
iPad version/download


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