Italian Brother – A Photographic Journey…


This truly has been one long year, which at times almost felt rushed up! I know! You might be thinking: January is far-gone, what is he mumbling about! Well, I was just thinking about my photographic year, I am reaching my first anniversary and I cannot believe that only yesterday I was sitting in Richard Gray’s iPhoneography class, at least this is what it seems, and yet, almost a year has passed. The good thing, however, is in less then a month I will be enjoying his tutorials again!

This has also been such an eventful year, full of surprises, and every day was one from which I’ve learnt and gained something new, that I will always cherish. To me, the most important of all these has been meeting and getting to know so many amazing people! The community it’s what makes mobile photography special! I really love taking photos, I love the story behind and even more to have fun doing what I do, but without all of you this would not have happened, and I thank you for a great year and for all your support.

Well, without falling into clichéd sentimentalism and without much a do, sit back, relax and I hope that you will enjoy watching this video as much I have enjoyed it making it!

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11 thoughts on “Italian Brother – A Photographic Journey…”

  1. This is ONE fabulous video my brother! So wonderful to “see” you!!! And hear you…Your story was excellent and the videography is fantastic – who did that for you? Don’t tell me you did that too?? Oh man of many talents, I wouldn’t doubt it.

    • Thank you very much Dear sis!!! without your support, probably i wouldn’t be here today …; )
      I was really lucky, the guys behind this are from Adjust Your Set, a professional production house.. 😉 I have, literally, no idea on how to video shoot or video editing..

  2. This is so fantastic! The video is incredible. I could feel your passion through it! Well done sharing the love.


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