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LnDyrm Ltd. today is thrilled to announce the release of PhotoNova 2 (v1.0), its new all-in-one photo editing app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Delivering a unique photo experience to every mobile user, PhotoNova 2 enables a powerful photo editing workflow that includes the Lasso tool, beautiful and unique Effects & Frames, the Green Screen tool, the Fix tool, the Paint tool and also the Vignette, Focus, Swirl, Stretch tool to make your photos even more stunning. Working with your full resolution photos, every tool you use is automated. Share your beautiful photos with your friends.

PhotoNova2 enables anyone to create amazing photos with a wide variety of innovative filters and tools. By combining filters, textures, frames and other enhancements, users can enjoy almost limitless effects. PhotoNova 2 gives the users the possibility to use the lasso tool by selecting any part of the photo and applying an effect,filter or change the color/contrast/saturation or light.

This app retails for $0.99/£0.69 and you can download it here.

Key Features



* Full Resolution Photos
* Over 210 Effects, Filters and Frames
* 8 Effects categories that includes the following – NovaMate, Elegance, Vintage, Colorize, Special, Filters, Tones and Frames
* A Variety of effects and filters among these some effects like: Glamour, Diabolik, Elegance N.1, Soft Antique, Magic, Risen, Black Ice, Fog Night, Glam N.1, Paradise, Never Change, Sketch, Toon, Emboss, Pixel and a lot more
* 14 beautiful Frames to apply to your photos
* Green Screen tool – Choose a photo with a green background (a green screen photo) and change it, with any photo you like
* Marque Tool – Lasso, Circle and Rectangle selection – Select with one of the marque tools a particular part of the photo and apply any adjustment you like
* Fix Tool – Adjust the little imperfections on the photo
* Vignette tool – You can apply a Vignette to the photo and change its position and color
* Focus tool – You can add Focus to the photo and change its position and intensity
* Swirl tool – Add a Swirl to a particular part of the photo
* Stretch tool – Add a Stretch to a particular part of the photo
* Paint or write to make your photos even uniques
* Color Adjustment

With PhotoNova 2 you can enhance, edit, fix, paint and share your photos via social networks and email.

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