Instagram Image Takes Front Page Of New York Times


Despite the actual photo shoot for this event taking place back in February 2012, this image of Alex Rodriguez taken by professional sports photographer Nick Laham in a locker room, graced Sunday’s (March 31, 2013) front page. It was taken with an iPhone and edited in Instagram.

It’s an interesting tactic by the NYT’s, we’re not entirely sure why they have decided to publish these images now but we’re very grateful that they have as it continues to drive the momentum of mobile photography as a serious form of photojournalism.

Petapixel (via Huffington Post), have some great behind the scenes images from the photo shoot and we have included them below.




2 thoughts on “Instagram Image Takes Front Page Of New York Times”

  1. Funny I’ve started using $3 handheld LED flashlights with my DSLR and using this method above for my cell excluding Instagram, I find it’s too pedestrian compared to almost all other photo apps out there now. I refer Instagram as a gateway drug to cellular photography.
    I’m going to up the ante and get a wider beam LED flashlight but I love the effect in VERY low light situations.


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