Gray’s Anatomy – ‘Moving house from Apple Gardens to Galaxy Crescent’ – By Richard Gray

So after much heart-searching, a few days ago I moved out of Apple Gardens and moved into Galaxy Crescent. The thing we really lovely about the new place is the garden. Look how big it is, isn’t it lovely! We can run around all day long. Inside, it’s about the same size as the old place, but the good thing is I can build an extension very cheaply for extra storage. The builders are due tomorrow.

Of course the previous owners left a lot of their furniture and their taste in wallpaper was a bit garish. So I’ve spent the whole of the first day rearranging the chairs and sofas and putting up the curtains from the old place. Some of the furniture is a bit naff and some of it I’ve no idea what it is (now in the tip on the front drive). Although it’s about the same size inside, I’m still getting the hang of how all the rooms connect up. But that will come I guess. And you wouldn’t believe how long it took to find the kettle. Of course, you want a cup of tea as soon as you move in and for the life of me I couldn’t find the kettle. It turned up in the end but that’s happened with a few other things too.

There are two hifi systems in the new house. One of them works fine even though it hasn’t got many records but the other one (the more hi-tech one with a very minimalist design) doesn’t seem to work. It’s what my Dad would call too clever for its own good. It’s got a Listen now button, but guess what, when you hit it, you don’t “listen now”.

The post has been a bit of a weird one to be honest. After an initial struggle, I got all my personal mail through the door, but for some reason, the local post office wouldn’t deliver any of my business stuff and I was having to go  back to the old place to pick it up. But then out of the blue a new postman turned up, wearing a very colourful uniform, and delivered both sets of mail! Like an angel!

They say moving house is the one of the most stressful things you experience. Well, I don’t know about that, I think getting a new phone can be quite stressful too.



‘Home sweet home’ – ©Richard Gray

Richard's mobile photography has been exhibited around the world and published in various magazines and on many websites. He launched the world's first live course in iPhone photography in early 2012 with Kensington and Chelsea College. He has given workshops with The Photographers' Gallery and British Journal of Photography. Sport England recently commissioned him to cover various of its Sportivate initiatives with the iPhone. A keen observer of this new photographic genre, his writing has been widely published (most notably in The Guardian) and he writes a blog (iphoggy-bloggy). With a big camera, he specialises in music photography ( and syndicates to Press Association (with both big and small cameras).