NEM/The Hungry Ghost – ‘Void’ Competition


NEM and The Hungry Ghost Facebook group are running a new competition. They have invited artists to create artwork that depicts the term ‘Void’. Sixteen artists’ works have now been selected and they are now involved in a vote with the public. After one week the top three will be determined and each with have a t-shirt printed of their image as a prize, in addition these three will also have T-shirts produced and auctioned off for charity.

You can find out more about this competition here.


The Final 16


Nominated Judges Andrea Koerner, Brett Chenoweth, Grant Horsnell, Benamon Tame, David Hayes, Andrea Bigiarini and Steve Cooper have deliberated long and hard to select 16 artworks that will soon appear in a Flickr Showcase for you all to vote.

The Final 16 are:

Frederica Corbelli -Restless Void
Dieter Gaebel – Void
Emmanuel Faria – Walking into the void
Eitan Shavit – The Void in my head
Frederica Corbelli – Void Endlessy
Rob Pearson-Wright – Beyond the Void
Gina Costa – Untitled
Ginger Lucerno – •scαttєr вrαínєd•
Karen Malcolm – From the mediocrity of life into the void of the half light..
Laura Fogazza – void is possibility of consciousness
Giancarlo Beltrame – Void
Susan Lindner McKeown – Void
Thérèse Cherton – Void of Silent
Alon Goldsmith – Void
Roger Guetta – Private Void
Michelle Robinson – Reality Void 2

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