The App Whisperer In A Secret Central London Virgin Media Bunker – Video!


Last week I had a great time with the team at Virgin Media in their super secret Central London Bunker – normally the preserve of MP’s and the like but on this occasion for myself and a few other colleagues of mine. The reason for the bunker meeting was to take a closer look at their brand new Broadband Super Hub, it’s incredibly impressive and superfast. According to VM it is the best performing WiFi device available today – it’s 20% faster and further reaching than any other and has better range and coverage thanks to an additional wireless antenna.

One point I was particularly impressed with was the dual-band concurrent technology – this allows you to access two WiFi channels when you’re using the internet – so if you have some older devices running 2.4GHz and new devices running the less congested route 5GHz – then there’s no need to keep switching – the Super Hub will automatically ensure your device is connected to the correct channel.

The SuperHub is exclusive to Virgin Media customers and if you’d like to learn more about it, please feel free to post any questions at the end of this article and we will run them past the VM team.

If you’re thinking about switching your broadband provider or taking up a new one, then we strongly recommend you check out VM, it’s what we use and we’ve been really pleased with their service and most importantly their speed.

In the meantime, check me out in the bunker (I’m on the sofa, sitting between the Head of Product Development Broadband – Gareth Lister and Nikki Moore the gadget girl on BBC 2.

To find out more about Virgin Media’s Broadband services, go here.





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