The MOBILE PHOTO WORKSHOPS are back with the popular “STORYTELLING SERIES” of online group workshops!


These workshops are brought to you by well-known mobile photographers Sion Fullana & Anton Kawasaki — who have been capturing daily street life/portraits and documenting the world around them for years. Sion & Anton are often asked about their process, style, and approach to taking photos. They are also asked what apps they use, how they take candid photos of strangers without them noticing, and countless other questions about their craft. The answers to these are often hard to explain in just a quick reply on Instagram or Twitter, and deserve a more in-depth and personal analysis.

The STORYTELLING SERIES are three different intensive, 10-Day online group workshops (STREET PHOTOGRAPHY, PORTRAITS and DOCUMENTARY/JOURNALISM) focusing on capturing compelling images and telling your best stories using only a mobile device. In these workshops you will learn the mechanics of how to tell a great visual story with a single photograph, as well as in a series of photos.

Talking about what makes a photograph “work” is very difficult to explain using rational logic/judgement, as Sion and Anton work in a more intuitive, empathic, and emotional way. “What makes you connect? How does something/someone make you feel? What attracts your eye and compels you to take a photograph of that subject in that precise instant? What story do you want to tell? What emotion do you feel in front of a scene that you may want to transmit in your photograph?” Working these concepts can really make you change the way you see life and how you interact in the world — how you look at things, how you feel things.

The workshops are designed to improve your photographs and set them apart, ensuring the images you capture are more than just “snapshots” and truly tell a story. These courses are perfect for beginners who are just starting out with shooting on a mobile device, but are also great for intermediate/advanced photographers who want to strengthen the storytelling in their images and get more meaning and impact out of the photos that they take.


Each 10-Day course includes:


Up to three compelling and challenging photographic assignments that will make you rethink how you take photos and vary your approach. These can be done on your own time.

Invaluable 1-to-1 personal feedback on ALL photos that you upload to a private class-only content area. Learn what you’re doing right, but more importantly what you may be doing wrong and what areas you need to improve in.

Helpful lessons on the very best mobile apps on the market, with post-processing tips & tricks on how to make the most out of your raw photos.

A live motivational group video hangout to discuss our philosophy on photo-taking more in depth. (Optional)

PLUS, we’ve added some additional stuff in this latest round of workshops to make them even MORE helpful & rewarding:

  • Recorded video feedback from Sion & Anton, discussing each of your assignments in depth and visually showing and explaining where your photos can use improvement.
  • A private individual 1-on-1 internet chat session where you can ask us both any questions. (These can be video, audio, typed conversations, or however you prefer — we do recommend video chat for the best experience and so we can visually show you examples of what we’re talking about).
  • Pre-taped video examples of us shooting & editing photos.

The timing/commitment to the workshops is extremely flexible, and can be done on YOUR own schedule. We recommend devoting at least an hour a day to a Workshop while it’s running. There are currently three different 10-Day STORYTELLING workshops focusing on different themes: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY (June 13-22, 2013), PORTRAITS (July 2-11, 2013), and DOCUMENTARY/JOURNALISM (July 23-August 1, 2013).

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