Check Out The New Kodak Instamatic 2014 Android Smartphone Concept


Well, take a look at this, many of us have owned a Kodak Instamatic at some point in our lives and this new concept Instamatic Android Smartphone looks very much like it could the new version for the future, or most likely a very good spoof. It looks like an amalgamation of retro design with new technology. It’s not thin and sleek like the iPhone 5 or Samsung S4 but apparently does feature a viewfinder.

According to Kodak ,the Instamatic 2014 will (if the concept develops) be available in three models. The Instamatic 14w and 14 – each will come with 14 MP cameras and the other, known as the 15 Ultra with house a 16 MP camera. Both the 14’s will feature 4-inch touch screens and PixPro 24-140 mm f/3.9-5.9 lenses and 720p HD video facility. The 15 will host a 5-inch touch screen, a PixPro 24-260mm lens mount f/2.4-5.3 lens and 1080p HD video support. Each model will also support microSD for additional memory expansion. The software for this device apparently would include authentic photo filters from all previous Instamatic models (and other products, i.e. film). So the idea is that you will see a filter such as Instamatic 700 + Kodak Ektachrome GX 100, or Kodak Instamatic 400 with Kodachrome 64 for example – very interesting…

Currently reports are that the Instamatic 14w will retail for $199, 14 for $249 and the 15 Ultra for $349.99.

We’re not suggesting this is a smartphone that will ever be created, there’s too many mistakes in the spec and description for one thing but nevertheless, Kodak really led the field with the Instamatic ‘point and shoot’ so many moons ago and it would be really wonderful to see them pull something really hot out of the bag right now and their bank balance, we’re sure would thank them for it.

So, please don’t take this post seriously, it’s more of a case of wishful thinking on Kodak’s part right now but check out their website here, it’s really quite wonderful.










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