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The Guetta Fringe – Art’s Purpose – By Roger Guetta


We’re delighted to publish Roger Guetta’s latest article to his ‘The Guetta Fringe’ Column with us. This time Roger delves into the very depths of the meaning of art. We have created a video showcase of Roger’s images as well as including each one separately below too. Don’t miss this… over to you Roger (foreword by Joanne Carter).



“I sometimes ask myself: “Roger, why do you produce art?”

Mick Jagger once said: “What else would I be doing in this life, meditate on a mountain?”

Bob Dylan once said: “I do it for one reason or another, but I can’t remember what the reason is anymore.”

Jasper Johns once said: “Lord knows!”

Brando once said: “I wouldn’t be doing it unless some power higher than myself was leading me on.”

Egon Schiele once said: “Because my heart is on fire.”

I once said: “I see shadows that yearn to be acknowledged.”

Whatever the reason we all create is…I think John Lennon said it best when he uttered the words “Love is all you need!”

The following is an investigation of the ‘why’ of it all”.




Video Showcase


Individual Still Images















































By Roger Guetta

Roger’s work was featured at the LA Mobile Art Festival 2012 held at the Santa Monica Art Studios, where he presented both framed pieces and an installation. Roger’s work has also been exhibited at the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, CA; First Annual iPhoneography Miami Exhibition at Artspace, Gallery Miami, Large Format Show at Los Angeles Center For Digital Art 2012. Roger was included on iPhoneogenic’s list of the 50 Top Mobile Photographers/Artists of 2011 and has been featured in P1xels, The App Whisperer, Lys Foto Magazine and many other popular mobile photography websites. He has also had one-man shows both in Montreal and Toronto and will be showing soon at The Garden Gate Center in Berkeley, California as part of The Third Wave Show. He is currently a professor of communications in Montreal.

4 replies on “The Guetta Fringe – Art’s Purpose – By Roger Guetta”

I love Roger Guetta’s photo image collages. They showcase a refined sophisticated cohesive aesthetic. Many images are beautiful and inspirational and portray not only Roger’s artistic talents but also his extensive masterful knowledge of current photo app media. Roger the artist, and his creative energy and sense of joie de vivre have been a great inspiration to me in the photo groups we participate in online.

The curated video collection is a showcase of Roger’s beautiful inspirational imagery. My only snag with the above curation is the abundance of text explanations about what art – is. As I see it – ART already communicates with its own language which the soul, heart and eyes understand, intuitively and completely. Explanatory descriptors in text are not necessary and may even
detract from the artistic experience. Next time more images and less text will make for an even richer viewing experience! 🙂


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