iOS Art App – Frax – Temporary Price Drop


Frax is an app that is packed with unique effects and patterns, it’s actually completely mesmerizing and it works fast, there’s no lag. Frax raises the fractal in 3D height, uses complex color gradients to smoothly tint and shade them, adds two light sources for glossy reflections and infinitely scaleable chaotic textures – all in all using almost 100 parameters and controls.

Frax allows you to create Intricate patterns, spirals, valleys, super smooth or wildly chaotic, metallic sheen or pearly white, subtle shades, stark monochrome or screaming super glossy, with scintillating color animated in realtime, as do both lights – and all that while you pan, rotate, zoom and tilt.

There are in-app purchases but today’s price drop, down to $0.99/£0.69 instead of $1.99/£1.49, for the iPhone version should help to soften the blow. The HD version is also on sale, down from $3.99/£2.49 to $2.99/£1.99. We think you will really enjoy this app and can’t wait to see what you create using it.

Click here to download the iPhone version

Click here to download the HD version


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