‘Portrait of an Artist’ – New Column by Jennifer Bracewell


We are delighted to announce a brand new Column on theappwhisperer.com today entitled ‘Portrait of an Artist’. This Column will be edited by Jennifer Bracewell and will include interviews and articles with mobile portraiture photographers.

We also have a dedicated Facebook group set up for this Column too – please join us here. Jennifer will be regularly adding and contributing to this and we are hopping it will follow with the same success our as Streets Ahead Column and Facebook group.

In addition we have set up a Flickr Group dedicated to this column. We would like you to send all your portraiture here and we will select images for curation and showcases as well as commentary.

This is the Flickr Group link.

Jennifer’s portraiture and self portraiture is renowned throughout the mobile photography world and we are so pleased to welcome her to this really exciting new project.

We can’t wait to publish our first interview and we’ll let you know when that’s live!


©Jennifer Bracewell

6 thoughts on “‘Portrait of an Artist’ – New Column by Jennifer Bracewell”

  1. Welcome Jennifer, can’t wait to read your article and get to know you a little. Portraiture is my favorite thing to shoot with my iPhone. All the best.

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