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PictureBook – ‘Loki through the Looking Glass’ by Benamon Tame

Ohhhhhh Benamon, how we adore your creativity! Benamon has done it again, he has created another wonderful piece for to his PictureBook Column, once again bursting with creativity and imagery both in words and pictures – thank you Benamon.

The concept behind the PictureBook column is not just about capturing stories but creating them, the journey behind and the image we present. PictureBook draws on Images selected from Benamon’s own story series and also looks at the work of the other story tellers within the community’. Over to you Benamon (foreword by Joanne Carter)…

The Door to Toy Land had been closed but thanks to
the efforts of Babel other paths had been found.
Loki stood before the mirror and spoke the words he
had been given, the parting words
from the mayor of Toy Land still cutting into his thoughts and filling his own words with a
bitter strength.
The Book would have worked but Wonderland was different and stood closer to its border.
The last word was laid and for the first time since
it was closed, a breeze moved through
the Lost Toy Room and carried with it the scent of
wet earth and burnt air, blood and
Loki stood his ground as his reflection fled and in
its place a new way twisted open.


Loki through the Looking Glass shows the moment when he made contact with Wonderland following his defeat and rout from Toy Land. Once Loki had consolidated his control of the Lost Toy Room he turned his thoughts to Toy Town as a way to escape the room and expansion. But the air of corruption and madness already upon them like plague bearers and they were turned back from the gates. Underestimating their strength , Loki turned back and tried force but his siege was broken and he was cast back into the Toy Room and the way sealed against them by the Mayor of Toy Town himself.

Rejected and defeated, Loki turned to Babel who had been working on the incantations used by Ariadne and her followers to flee into the walls.

Altering the charms, Babel was able to change the focus of the incantations and through them he was now able to enter the stories held in each book. The library would be the key to countless realms for Loki to subjugate and gather a greater force to return to Toy Land.

The first Book chosen was Alice in Wonderland, Loki saw in the Queen of Hearts a kindred spirit who join his cause, and an expedition led by the fighting frog Leopold was sent into the mirror bearing Loki’s offer of alliance. None have returned.




‘Loki 1’ – ©Benamon Tame


In plotting out the backstory and timeline of events within the Lost Toy Room I had in my mind the picture of Loki standing before a mirror in a blizzard of cards as it opened to Wonderland and finalized my idea for the piece while visiting a Mirror Maze.

I had decided on a large gilt frame for the mirror but came across the one used in a clothes shop.



‘Loki 2’ – ©Benamon Tame


The shot of the Mirror Maze was cleaned up, removing myself and extending the back using Touch Retouch and Juxtaposer. The image was then twisted using the FX tools in Leonardo before being added inside the mirror frame.

The frame was then added to blank room and Loki was added. The cards were then added by blending in several shots. Some were cards thrown up by my daughter ( and much fun was had doing that bit!) and others from shots of individual cards.These were taken in the same place and time to match the light and shadows as close as possible. The cards were also held out on the end of blue tac so my fingers would not hide a edges.



‘Loki 3’ – ©Benamon Tame


The completed image was aged using DistressedFX Juxtaposer before being opened in Snapseed to add final colour, texture and fine tuning.



‘Loki Through The Looking Glass’ – ©Benamon Tame


The Red Queen spoke false and laid her deck against us.

The heads We gave in offering have been for nought and those who went through the Looking Glass have not returned. Truly we would have made that land a wonder, that crown and the soft head beneath it will be cut

Taken from Loki’s Lament

Apps Used


‘Little Assistant’ – ©Benamon Tame


Juxtaposer, DistressedFx, Touch Retouch, Snapseed and Leonardo

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Benamon is a UK based Photographer, iPhone photographer, writer and Gothic Surrealist. His work has been featured on iPhone photgraphy websites and blogs of note. International Galleried artist including the Mobile Photography Awards 2012, the International iPhoneography Show, LA Mobile Arts Festival 2012 and most recently the Light Impressions at Art Basel Miami.