iOS Photography App – 1-Hour Photo – New – From The Developers Of CameraBag


Well this is a photo app with a difference, and it will be very interesting to see how this takes off. Essentially, you take a shot with 1-hour photo and then wait one hour for it to be processed. Will this drive you crazy? Possibly, but according to the developers, ‘1-Hour Photo makes all your shots more magical by making you wait an hour before you get to see the results (using our black and white film emulation)’.

They go on to explain, ‘by the time you see your photos, the moments they’ve captured have already become memories, which changes how you feel about them forever’. If you feel that viewing your images the moment you have taken them causes agitation, the developers disagree. ‘Nobody gets distracted in the moment by reviewing photos as they’re being taken – your special moments remain all about the moments themselves.’

1-hour Photo is free to download, why not give it a try and let us know your thoughts on this one.




4 thoughts on “iOS Photography App – 1-Hour Photo – New – From The Developers Of CameraBag”

  1. Synthetic already tried something similar with Hipstamatic Disposable. You had to wait until your “film roll” was used up before you could see the photos. It’s not available anymore, which shows you how much people liked the concept of waiting for digital photos.

    • I never could get through the roll with stuff I wanted, it forced me to take pics I didn’t want to just to see the one or two I did. But since this is a single shot it might not suffer the same problem or the same fate.


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