APPart – Mobile Art – Pantone Color of the Day – Winner Announced – 4 March 2015


Huge congratulations to our APPart Color of the Day with Pantone Daily Challenge winner. Yesterday’s Color of the Day was ‘Rose Tan’ (16-1511) with the adjectives and nouns, ‘Mentally Active, Communicator and Imaginative.  We feel that @sugarama Bobbi McMurry has captured the essence of these with this intriguing image seen below.

Today’s ‘Color of the Day’ is Resdea (15-6414) and the accompanying descriptives are ‘Spiritual, Private and Productive’. So, we would like to see your creations using this colour in combination with those words, if possible. It’s a challenge after all!

To take part in this challenge, please create an image and post it to Instagram and include the hashtag #taw_appart_coloroftheday we will select a winner and feature them each day!

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