ARTmobile – A New Mobile Photography and Art Book


I am very happy to mention this new book venture on  ARTmobile is an editorial project aimed at publishing, the work of eight talented mobile photographers.

This is a crowd-funding project, under the direction of Participation as a patron in ARTmobile involves not only acquiring the complete book in Instagram format, 21×21 cm, with over 200 pages of high quality, plus prints for the most enthusiast ones, but it also means encouraging artists to accompany them in their process of creation, in their understanding of the art of photography and their vision of contemporary society.

The book will feature works by the following artists:

  • Christina Nørdam Andersen (Copenhagen)
  • Jeanette Hägglund (Stoccolma)
  • Luis Rodríguez (Madrid)
  • Marianne Hope (Amsterdam)
  • Naomi Meran (Zurigo)
  • Niall O’Leary (Londra)
  • Sébastian Pélegrin (Parigi)
  • Thomas Kakareko (Berlin)

To find out more and/or to particpate, please go here.

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