How To Ensure Your Work Is Selected – Instagram Editorial Director Pamela Chen


Here’s a very interesting interview with Pamela Chen the Editorial Director for Instagram with PDN.  In this interview Chen explains her role, the community’s objectives, her typical day and of course the criteria that she uses to select Instagram accounts to highlight.

‘Instagram has emerged as a source of income and opportunity for professional photographers, who work for brands and marketers creating images for the platform. Instagram also enables some advanced amateurs to turn pro. Followers are key. Instagramers with high follower counts achieve “influencer” status, which they can sell to brands looking to harness their networks and their understanding of how to engage an audience on the platform. Influence can also factor into whether or not a photographer is chosen for other commercial jobs.

Instagram itself plays a role in helping a number of users increase their followings. Users who are featured on the @Instagram account or on the Instagram blog, often see their audiences grow exponentially, which can be a path to influencer status…’

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