Joanne Carter – TheAppWhisperer Speaks at The Photography Show 2015 – Seminar 1 – First Part


Many of you will be aware that I was invited to speak on stage at The Photography Show this year about mobile photography. This is the largest annual photography show in Europe and it was a privilege to be asked to talk. I was not given a brief, other than being told I had been booked for four 30 minute seminars over two days. I didn’t need or want a brief, I knew what I wanted to talk about, I knew what a wanted to share with the audience.  I wanted to ensure that every single person that attended my talks, left inspired, invigorated with their minds buzzing at the possibilities of mobile photography and what can be achieved. I’m delighted to say, this happened each and every time, literally time after time.

My talks could have quite easily have extended to 60 minutes, I had plenty of content and the audience wanted more. It was not possible to extend due to the packed schedule of events.

After each seminar many of the audience approached me, eager to learn more about the artists I had been portraying.  Asking advice regarding selling or buying mobile images and art. They shared some of their work with me, left me their details, told me their minds were alive, they felt invigorated. I knew it was a job well done. The audience consisted of a wide spectrum of wonderful minds, from the Head of Photography at Cambridge University (who was incidentally hugely inspired, he told me he had learnt so much, and came back for a second talk too), to professional artists and photographers, to Journalists, TV presenters and to students from Universities from around country.

I’d spent several weeks working around the clock preparing for the show. I had contacted some of our Columnists to ask for contributions as well and each and everyone that I asked produced outstanding work, which I will show.

In this post I am going to detail the first part of Seminar 1 and the second part to follow in the next article. I will follow throughout the week with Seminars 2, 3 and 4.

I asked Vivi Hanson Sacerdote to accompany me as an Assistant and she was perfect, very professional, I am so thankful to her, many of you will have seen the images and short videos that she posted on FB of the event, I can’t thank her enough.

Introduction to Mobile Photography and Building Communities

For the first 20 minutes of the first part of Seminar 1 I talked through a PowerPoint presentation introducing mobile photography and explaining how to build communities and why we share.  These are the slides of that Presentation, of course I expanded upon each slide, these were essentially visual prompts that I developed verbally.

Example Screen Shot of

Screenshot of my Interviews at Vogue

Screenshot of my articles at LensCulture

What Is Mobile Photography? I expanded on each of these points

Talking about the mobile phone being a connected device

Screenshot showing the Columns and wide spectrum of articles on

The Advantages of Flickr and how it integrates with our Flickr Showcase and expansion of that

Our Eleven Flickr Groups

Our most popular Flickr Group

Screenshot of a Flickr Group Showcase

Explanation of Facebook in respect of Mobile Photography

Screenshot of our Streets Ahead Facebook Group

The Significance of Instagram

Our Instagram Page

Why is Twitter Important?

Our Twitter Page

Pinterest – Do not ignore

Our Pinterest Page

So, why do we share images?

Mobile Photography Competitions

Mobile Photography Awards

MIRA Mobile Prize Competition


Mobile Photography being given status within traditional competitions, example

Screenshot of WPO – Sony World Photography Awards with Mobile Category

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