APPart – Mobile Art – Pantone Color of the Day – Winner Announced – 28 April 2015


Huge congratulations to our APPart Color of the Day with Pantone Daily Challenge winner. The Color of the Day was Easter Egg (16-3925) with the adjectives and nouns, ‘Verbally Strong, Striking and Motivated’. We feel that @rubyredream – Lisa Peters has captured the essence of these with this wonderful ‘I am the wind, please check out her Instagram account, it’s fabulous.

Today’s ‘Color of the Day’ North Sea (18-5115) and the accompanying descriptives are ‘Leader, Idealistic and Visonary’. So, we would like to see your creations using this colour in combination with those words, if possible. It’s a challenge after all!

To take part in this challenge, please create an image and post it to Instagram and include the hashtag #taw_appart_coloroftheday we will select a winner and feature them each day!



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