The Guardian – ‘Camera-makers focus on adapting to smartphones’ market surge’


Interesting article by my friend Charles Arthur (Contributing Writer for The Guardian, previously the Guardian’s Technology Editor) this morning. He talks about the demise of camera sales since 2006, starting there of course with film.  Arthur discusses the research & development and money that is being poured into smartphone development. He cites my partner (Kevin Carter’s) test results in DXOMark’s testing in October where the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reached the top of the camera site – see here.  

The conclusion to this piece focuses on sensors, smartphones are in need of larger sensors.  "Sony announced recently that it’s going to increase its production of image sensors by 45% over the next 18 months to meet growing demand. Sony’s imaging division (which makes the sensors) is one of its most profitable divisions. Its customers include Xiaomi, the fast-growing Chinese smartphone maker, and Apple". Interesting read, go here to read in full.

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