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We’re delighted to publish this brief introduction to an app you may not be immediately familiar with, Glitché.   Bobbi is currently working on a tutorial for this app, to be published shortly. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).


“I began making art on my iPhone in 2012 and became an immediate ‘appwhore’. I think I had every available editing app residing on the home screen of my iPhone. Fortunately, it wasn’t long till I found a couple of painting apps I loved allowing me to consolidate the number of apps I needed.

Pretty early on in my mobile art adventure, I ran across an app that allowed me to create a “wireframe” overlay on my images and I used it all the time only to find that it’s lack of resolution wasn’t what I wanted. Last week, Claude Panneton posted an image that contained that same effect, so naturally I inquired. Glitché is the name and it retails for $.99/£0.79.

If, however, you are looking to make high-resolution imagery, you will need an in-app purchase “High Res Export” for $2.99/£1.99”.

Glitché has 22 effects to choose from. Everything from grid to emoji. While many will use this app as a stand alone (ie: Kim Kardashian likes the app and wrote a review. I plan to use Glitché in my layering; similar to the way I use Trimaginator – running effects to an image and layering parts and pieces of that result into my work. Special thanks to Claude for the app introduction!”


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