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APPart – Mobile Art – iOS App ‘Glitché

We’re delighted to publish this brief introduction to an app you may not be immediately familiar with, Glitché.   Bobbi is currently working on a tutorial for this app, to be published shortly. (Foreword by Joanne Carter).


“I began making art on my iPhone in 2012 and became an immediate ‘appwhore’. I think I had every available editing app residing on the home screen of my iPhone. Fortunately, it wasn’t long till I found a couple of painting apps I loved allowing me to consolidate the number of apps I needed.

Pretty early on in my mobile art adventure, I ran across an app that allowed me to create a “wireframe” overlay on my images and I used it all the time only to find that it’s lack of resolution wasn’t what I wanted. Last week, Claude Panneton posted an image that contained that same effect, so naturally I inquired. Glitché is the name and it retails for $.99/£0.79.

If, however, you are looking to make high-resolution imagery, you will need an in-app purchase “High Res Export” for $2.99/£1.99”.

Glitché has 22 effects to choose from. Everything from grid to emoji. While many will use this app as a stand alone (ie: Kim Kardashian likes the app and wrote a review. I plan to use Glitché in my layering; similar to the way I use Trimaginator – running effects to an image and layering parts and pieces of that result into my work. Special thanks to Claude for the app introduction!”


Bobbi McMurry received her BFA from Arizona State University where she focused on painting, drawing, and printmaking. After graduating, she spent many years as an Art Director for custom and newsstand magazines. She has recently rekindled her passion for creating personal images and has gravitated to the world of mobile art. Her work has been accepted into numerous juried exhibitions, and has been recognized in mobile art competitions including The Third Wave and the Mobile Photo Awards. Additionaly, her work is part of the current iPhonic Art Exhibit at Markham Vinyards in California. She has been featured on mobile photography blogs, and recently became a columnist for The App Whisperer. Bobbi lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.