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It’s time for our 3rd AppArt Challenge! The details are listed below and the selected images will be presented in a showcase shortly after the challenge is closed.


Deadline is June 9, 2015

Our new challenge will feature hands. Your image could contain only hands, or hands could be just part of the composition  but hands need to be an obvious emphasis in your piece.

  1. Maximum of three entries per person  please do not upload any other images to this group as it has been created specifically for the challenge only. The admins will delete any images that are not relevant.
  2. Upload your images to the group on flickr group created specifically for the challenge entries.
  3. Please label your images ‘Challenge 3: Hands’.
  4. Photos from a mobile device only!


‘Genesis’ – ©Bobbi McMurry

“Seeing the Forest Through the Trees’ – ©Bobbi McMurry

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