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Welcome to our APPart Infinite Challenge #2 Results and Showcase. Thank you everyone for participating in our second AppArt Infinity Challenge, I hope you all found it enjoyable. It was really exciting to see all your wonderful ideas and artwork stemming from a single image. For those who are not familiar with the objective of these Infinite Challenges, the point is to illustrate how “infinite” the solutions are to any given image.

At AppArt, we are about using apps as our medium to create works of art, not about taking great photos there are other groups for that!  This Infinite Challenge began with an image of a young girl looking directly into the camera and our AppArtists took it from there. When you view our showcase, you’ll see a wonderful variety of solutions that differ through the apps used, how they were used, the addition of photographs, and the artist’s imagination. Enjoy!

Congratulations to our featured APPartists in this showcase: lila_lile, Riel Noir, Gillian B,  Andrea Koerner, Ulla Gmeiner, Beezzz_, Carolyn Hall Young, Elaine Taylor, Lisa Peters, Claude Panneton, Mariette Schrijver, Mandolina Moon, Diana Nicholette Jeon, and Mansi.

APPart is an active and growing community of artists who create with apps, please join us!

Claude Panneton

See The Forest For The Trees – ©Claude Panneton

Claude’s creative and conceptual approach to the three images he submitted was unmatched.  Each of these pieces suggests an entirely different tale created by an artist whose technical skills shine. Claude’s seamless attention to detail allows him to present cohesive, interesting, and unique images to his viewer. Well done Claude!

Say It With Style – ©Claude Panneton

Gaze In Bloom – ©Claude Panneton

Video Showcase

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