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Artistic Anarchy: Mobile Art Collusion – Second Video Showcase

I am again thrilled to present the second monthly showcase of the best of the Artistic Anarchy:Mobile Collusion: An TheAppWhisperer Group. We were so fortunate to have Gianluca Ricoveri as our esteemed Guest Curator for “Change” June 2015. With almost 70 artistic pairs randomly assigned it was our busiest month yet! The stunning art produced is a testament to the respect and care that each artist approaches the privilege of editing another’s images. Many have commented on what a privilege it is to work with someone they may know of but have never “met”. It is also quite delightful to see another interpretation of our own work! We opt in by the first of the month to be randomly paired for the month. Each pair of artists exchange full resolution images and edit each other’s images! This is a fun and exciting way to spark your creativity as well as have your partner’s take on your own work!

All work must be shot and edited come rely on a mobile device. Pairings and communication all go thru our Facebook Group :


The images are posted on both Facebook as well as well as on our Flickr group to be considered to be included in the showcase.


Gianluca remarked how difficult it was to pick the best out of the images since the art was so wonderful!

Many congratulations to the following artists included in this weeks video showcase:

Jerry Jobe, Barb Nebel, Christina Rankin, Aldo Pacheco, Manuela Basaldella, Elaine Taylor, Jane Fiala, Lisa Peters, livenotonevil, Kerryn Benbow, Garry Ryon, Andrea Koerner


I think that I have to admit that my favorite image this month was Elaine Taylor’s interpretation of an intriguing image from Kerryn Benbow. Actually Elaine had two of the Collusions in the showcase! This image is so whimsical and imaginative and I looked at it many times. I am not the only one as this image was also the Facebook group favorite!

Take a look at the original: an intriguing mixture of antique objects and a storefront. Transforming the mood of this image, as Elaine has done here, is one of the most fascinating aspects of looking at these Collusions.  The whimsical fairy tale look was made combining the central figure in Kerryn’s image with an image of Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire taken by Elaine. There is something so intriguing and magical of these mystical proper yet ethereal men matching across the moor fading into the distance. Elaine says, “as well as the connections I am making, the thing I love about these Collusion challenges is that they are encouraging me to think a little more creatively and forcing me out of my usual editing zone.”  Elaine chose Union, Stackables, Enlight, PicFrame, TouchRetouch, and Snapseed as the Apps to realize this amazing collusion.

Thank you again Gianluca for the curation: a difficult job well done! Thank you Joanne for hosting our Artistic Anarchy! We invite digital artists everywhere to join our global collaboration. Each month we randomly pair artists and create amazing work. It is time to opt in for July 2015! We administer the group from out Facebook Page and curate from the Flikr group. Please feel free to join us !

Video Showcase

Jaime Glasser has recently returned to the art world after a career as a Veterinarian and a Research Scientist. She attended the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas. She was a watercolor artist before devoting her career to animals and writing on Animal Hospice. Glasser has joined TheAppWhisperer to host a collaboratory mobile photography group and associated Column called Artistic Anarchy: Mobile Collusions.

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  • Elaine Taylor

    I am so so happy to be included. I love your words about my edit. These collusions are such a positive experience. I love them. Thanks Kerryn for the inspiration 🙂