Mobile Photography/Art – Apple Default/Native Camera Most Used For Initial Image Capture


Through our APPart Column, edited by Bobbi McMurry, we raised the question ‘do you use the default/native camera in your iPhone or a dedicated photo app to capture your initial images?’.  It proved a popular question and our editor for this section Bobbi McMurry has created a pie chart clearly demonstrating the Apple default camera as being the most popular choice with 31%.  This was followed by 14% Other* (see below), Hipstamatic with 13%, with Camera+ and ProCamera at 12%, 645 PRO Mk III and Oggl both achieved 6% and Slow Shutter and Provoke with 3%. Please take a look at the chart below…and please let us know your thoughts, which app do you use for initial image capture with your iPhone?

Survey based on 97 entries from 43 AppArtists, some entries were discussions or clarifications from the artists.  

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