Pixelmator for iOS Gets an Update and We Have Promotional Codes to Giveaway!


Pixelmator is a popular app and it has just been updated with some interesting features:

  • First off, they took their unique Pixelmator for Mac repairing algorithm (that they’ve been developing for more than 6 months) and they implemented it into Pixelmator for iOS. This has made the already great Repair tool faster and incredibly precise.
  • Also, they’ve added a totally new feature called Dynamic Touch, which lets users adjust the brush size of all Retouch tools by painting with their tip or a larger area of their finger.
  • They have also just published a totally comprehensive, illustrated Pixelmator for iOS User Guide for iPad and for iPhone. As for the video tutorials, you can now visit Pixelmator for iPhone Tutorials page and learn about Pixelmator features and how to use them from these short and inspiring tutorials.

Pixelmator retails for $5.99/£3.99 and we have some promotional codes to share with our readers. If you would like to be in with a chance to win a promotional code for Pixelmator we would like you to like us on Facebook (here), follow us on Twitter (here) – and most importantly reply to this post and tell us what you love most about TheAppWhisperer.com. We’ll enter your email address into our magical hat and if you’re a winner you will find a promo code sitting in your inbox very soon.

15 thoughts on “Pixelmator for iOS Gets an Update and We Have Promotional Codes to Giveaway!”

  1. I really enjoy the variety of articles you provide from tutorials to interviews and the weekly galleries.

  2. Awesome. More promo codes for the best image editing app on iOS. Can’t say no to the chance of getting one of those!

  3. In the time that I have been following Joanne and The App Whisperer, I’ve gained so much – very useful tips, new apps that I now use quite regularly, access to other folks and their photos, which are inspirational to my own work. Thanks for keeping us so informed!

  4. Thank you for this opportunity, I like to read the tutorial interviews and especially the possibility to win a code.

  5. The App Whisperer is the go to site for news, information and tutorials for Mobile Photography. Love Jerry’s tutorials, portrait of an artist, but what I love most is “a day in the life of”, you should go back to that.

  6. this site is one of my favorites about iphone photography primarily because it helps to learn about new apps and accessorize

  7. @theappwhisperer is the best for info on all things mobile. Love the news, tutorials, and Flickr groups!

  8. I like that The App Whispers keeps adding new columns to the website, the variety of topics covered are all very interesting. I’ve been a long time Facebook and Twitter follower. Thank you!

  9. I love reading about updates and new apps. This one looks like a “must have” app but is a bit pricey. Am sure it is worth it tho. I would love to try it!!

  10. wow, pretty cool giveaway. I visit app whisperer every day to check out whats happening and I always learn something new. thanks for that.

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