APPart Mini – Featuring Mobile Artist Kirsten Fenton


Please enjoy a new section within our APPart Column entitled – APPart Mini.  This is an area where our editor Bobbi McMurry will reach out to mobile artists to enquire more about specific arts of work – over to you Bobbi (foreword by Joanne Carter).

Apps: Union, iColorama, Enlight, Stackables


I was immediately drawn to this piece created by Kirsten Fenton. She’s done a great job of maintaining just enough detail while subduing that, which is unnecessary. It’s interesting that both the violin and female form are nearly one in the same yet revealing the female anatomy in its entirety requires more than a “G” rating  not true of the violin! I asked Kirsten to share just a bit about her and this work with all our AppArt friends, I hope you’ll enjoy this brief introduction.


“I’ve been taking iPhone pictures since my iPhone 3. It’s only been about ten months since I started using apps to create art with my photography. I’ve always been good at taking pictures and just “so-so” at all other visual arts. I find the more I create, the more naturally my art just flows out of me.

For “Her Cherished Violin” I was going through my old iPhone pics from earlier this year that I hadn’t really done anything with. I love the female form and flowers so this piece seemed inevitable. My violin has been collecting dust so I’m glad it now has some exposure!

I used Union App to blend the images, then iColorama for the flow; I then went into Enlight to shape, and lastly Stackables for the filtering. Something I would never have been able to do a few months ago! It’s about practicing and learning ‘how’ to use applications when trying to create my vision.”


©Kirsten Fenton

©Kirsten Fenton

©Kirsten Fenton

Kirsten Fenton

©Kirsten Fenton

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