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Few Days Left to View the Mobile Photography & Art Exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art

I hope you will recall my mobile photography and art Presentation in Seoul, South Korea in September this year. If not, please take a look here, also please take a look at the Showcase that I presented to the audience, with your art.

The reason I writing this post is that the exhibition is still on display but sadly it ends of the 13th December (I really wish I could have been there for the entire duration).

These are the images, I selected to exhibit, I was only asked for my own but I would not settle for that, I took what I could with me, here they are. Many thanks to Jun Yamaguchi, Sarah Jarrett, Damian De Souza, Janine Graf, Mimi Svanberg, Roger Guetta and Carolyn Hall Young.

Huge thanks to the Seoul Museum of Art and of course to Digifun for inviting and taking care of me so well.

‘The Girls with Hats’ by Sarah Jarrett

“Digital collage and painting using the apps – Superimpose, Procreate and Miracam”, Sarah Jarrett

‘My Daughter, Bella, at a Harry Potter Film Audition’ – by Joanne Carter

‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me’  by Damian De Souza

“The creation was simple and straightforward. Using the Image Blender app I combined a photo of a female nude from an old painting with a photo I took of some dried kelp on a rock on a beach”. – Damian De Souza

‘She Was an Escalator Rule Breaker’ – by Janine Graf

“This image is a continuation of my giraffe / alter ego series.  I used only two applications to create this image: Juxtaposer and ScratchCam.  The background was taken at around 1:00am in an Amtrak train station in Boston, Massachusetts.  A girlfriend and I had spent the weekend in New York City and accidentally disembarked at the wrong stop coming home; being 1:00am, the station was all but deserted.  While waiting to be rescued, I snapped a few pix to pass the time.  Now it’s not very obvious in the image, but the “up” escalator was broken, as evidenced by the “caution” tape blocking it off at the bottom.  I decided the broken escalator needed a giraffe.  In Juxtaposer I thoughtfully placed the giraffe on the escalator where I believed the light above worked best and most realistically in relation to the light on her back.  I had taken the photo of the giraffe several years ago at high noon in San Diego, California, so the lighting is interesting.  She is saved as a “stamp” in the Juxtaposer app and I’ve used her in many images over the years.  After I was satisfied with her escalator placement and subsequent pixel cleanup, I ran the image through ScratchCam and used their standard black and white filter.  ScratchCam is a somewhat old app but I think their coloured filters are still the best to this day”, Janine Graf

‘Woodlouse Warrior’ by Mimi Svanberg

“I had a dream about a woman. She took her face off and underneath there was another face. She took this face off too and there was yet another face. This is how the idea of this image started. I’m fascinated by the unconscious thoughts the things we can sense but never quite reach too. This woman is wearing many masks as a exoskeleton, she is protecting her most inner thoughts, her dreams, her fears, hopes and her vulnerability. She is moving forward, she is ready to face any obstacle on her journey into the unknown” – Mimi Svanberg

‘Building Options’ – by Roger Guetta

“This is a depiction of right brain activity while in the throws of the creative process. The woman is staring into the unknown, almost in a trance, clearing and quietening her mind so that no unnecessary inner chatter is initiated or considered. Only unencumbered and pure brain activity is at play to open new possibilities and nuanced options”, Roger Guetta

Five days Post Surgery’  by Carolyn Hall Young

“Image taken with front facing camera of iPhone 5 by Joanne Carter. Original passed to me, edited in iColorama app”, Carolyn Hall Young

‘Taking Flight’ by Joanne Carter

‘Serpentine Pavillion, London’ by Joanne Carter

Joanne Carter is the Founder and Editorial Director of TheAppWhisperer.com. A Professional Photographer and Associate of the British Industry of Professional Photographers, BIPP, as well as a Professional Journalist, specializing in Technology. A contributor to National and International publications, including DPreview.com, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Professional Photographer, NikonPro, Graphix, Digital Arts, Readers Digest, Popular Photography & Imaging and Which? consumer magazine and ePhotozine.com.

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  • Carolyn Hall Young

    Thank you for posting this, Joanne. Thank you for including us, when it should have been your time, solo, in the spotlight. This was an incredibly generous act.