Personal Mobile Photo Story with ‎Marguerite Khoury

Personal Mobile Photo Story with ‎Marguerite Khoury


“Contentment with who we are allows us to be free of the pressure to stay everlasting young.  Believing that time and ageing can be stopped, is a fairy tale. One of the many benefits of ageing is wisdom and the wise, are very beautiful”. (foreword by Joanne Carter).


Photographs and text by
Marguerite Khoury


She was innocent. Looking at her reflection, smoothing out her hair.  Lost in trance. Suddenly the sound of her mothers words echoed in her ears, stop looking at yourself. It’s not nice to be vain. What would you do if you where any more pretty?”

Years passed and she never put much thought into her self image. Sometimes she forgets what she looks like until she’s reminded with a quick glance in the mirror every morning when she brushed her teeth. 
It wasn’t hard to notice her frizzy hair, crooked nose and blemishes. Her whole life she felt like a small flame. Enough shine to sustain life and serve its purpose. A constant flicker of limbo. But deep down she knew she burns. Burns for passion. She had a desire to ignite that fire and share her love. So her journey began….
She stopped ignoring herself. She will no longer be the rose caged by its thorns. Her hands were aged and rough but long and slender. Her nose suddenly suited her face and her hair flowed like a beautiful whisper. The flaws she slowly waltzed with as a young girl were now her dancing beauties. 
She danced with grace and elegance. Spinning away the words and reminders of her shame. “Look at me” she thought to herself. “I’m beautiful!”
At some point in our lives we are criticized or struggle with the way we look. As a teenager trying to find our place…after giving birth…or when you hit a mid life crisis and realize age is unkind.
We need to remember that we are innocent to time. It can be cruel as any stage. We need to embrace who we are and not surrender to it cruelty. Get up and dance in defiance. Show the world your timeless beauty.


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