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Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 76 – TheAppWhisperer

Welcome to our seventy sixth showcase in our Mobile Movies Column, curated and edited by Giulia Baita. All of the entries were either shot or created on mobile devices. Many congratulations for being highlighted and featured to: Keisuke Takahashi, Oola Cristina, Dani Salvadori, Image Artistry, Cristina Rossi, Karen Axelrad, Geri Centonze, Tom and Imloveyh.

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‘Experimental’ ©Keisuke Takahashi

A coffee pot bubbles while the coffee is ready. Images of a kitchen and unknown objects. The story is surreal and the music underlines this suspended atmosphere and out of the ordinary. Interesting effect of “Black and White video camera.” A beautiful story!


‘January Snow!’ ©Oola Cristina

Snow falls silently and copious on a snowy landscape. The trees are covered with snow all around and the atmosphere is wonderful! The music in the video points out this poetic moment.


‘Repeated’ ©Dani Salvadori

A man walking fast in the underpass of a subway. Then the camera shows a girl who dances like a doll, in a mechanical way. The surreal atmosphere continues with the image of a man inside squares inscribed one inside the other. The story is fascinating and mysterious. Well done!


‘Carnival time! Celebrate a NewYear!’ ©Image Artistry

Colourful and cheerful images of an amusement park. People celebrating their carnival and music emphasises this moment of joy. Interesting use of Luna Fusion app. The artist has managed to masterfully express the atmosphere of the festival. Great!

‘Train Ride to LA’ ©Karen Axelrad

The images flow faster through time-lapse effect. The landscape of the urban periphery, people, machines: everything flows like a movie where the journey accompanies the thoughts and they follow their thread during the journey. The music refers back in time to the ’30s and suggests a vintage atmosphere.  Really interesting!

Train Ride to LA

‘A Quiet Place in the Country’ ©Cristina Rossi

The camera looks the plants and trees of a garden. Everything seems perfect and quiet, but the music and the fast pace predict that there will be something strange. In the end it appears a face with wide open mouth and monstrous expression. A short video “horror” edited with Splice app. Well done!

‘Make it Snow!’ ©Geri Centonze

The atmosphere of a snowy landscape has captured the attention of the artist. Snowing profusely on a white woods. Wonderful use of Color Lake!

A movie can be a poem. Lovely work!

Make it Snow!

‘The Fall’ ©Tom

The leaves fall slowly from a tree with the rhythm of Time Lapse. We observe now standing under the tree with our nose to upward. A video very poetic and reflective. The theme of dead leaves makes me think of something French. Great!

‘Datei Little Talks XXXIV’ ©Em Kachouro

Masterful use of Matter app. A tiny prism moves inside of a picture and it seems hanging by a thread (perhaps it is an electrical cable). The figure is perfectly inserted in the interior of the picture, but it shows that it was not in the context. Amazing!

Datei Little Talks XXXIV

‘Hipstamatic Sunrise’ ©Imloveyh

Dozens and dozens of frames with “Stop Action” on an iPhone 3G and the result is a short video. The clouds pass by in the sky quickly. Changing colours and slowly the sun rises. A wonderful event that we can see every day, but here the Hipstamatic shots and sequence of images add something poetic and imagery in this scene. Really interesting!

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Giulia Baita. Italian iPhonographer. She lives in a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called "Sardinia". Passionate about painting and drawing, she obtained a degree in History of Contemporary Art. Studies and supports examination of the History of Cinema at the 'University of Cagliari'. She is a professor of Italian and History and whilst in high school continued to cultivate her passion for the Art. For several years she has been and continues to be in love with Mobile Photography and Mobile Art. Some of her photos have been shown in international exhibitions and she is currently highly interested in the Mobile Movies.