My Latest Vogue Column Interview Published with Photographer Dagmar Van Weeghel


It always gives me huge thrills whenever Vogue publish my work, no matter how many times it happens, it means so much to me. This time I interviewed incredibly talented photographer, Dagmar Van Weeghel, another photographer who I so greatly admire. “The Netherlands based-photographer Dagmar Van Weeghel has created a series of photographs promoting female empowerment and equality within the contemporary fine art world, while simultaneously straddling conceptual art and fashion photography. Van Weeghel is fascinated with the social history of photography along with its relationship to the evolution of identity and with it she shoots a cinematic world of dreams and drama. Transcending parameters, Van Weeghel’s images enable the viewer to participate in something, beyond us. We are drawn deeper into the present moment; we enter willingly, yearning to learn more…Please read more in our published post here.


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