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TrueView Interview – How TheAppWhisperer Helps Me With Mobile Photography and Art with Maria Cecilia de São Thiago from Brazil

Our TrueView Interview section is an area where we ask one singular question, to mobile photographers and artists and it is captured to video. This time, we asked highly accomplished Mobile Photographer and Artist, Maria Cecilia de São Thiago from Brazil, How Does TheAppWhisperer Help You With Mobile Photography and Art?”.

Many artists are working on their videos right now and each video is as unique and individual as each artist. We are fully conscious and respectful that you are all capturing a part of yourself and sharing it with us and we love it.  Thank you.

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“I see Joanne Carter as the great artist “Tristan Tzara” of today, writing “our dadaist manifesto” and creating a new impact on the arts. Joanne, you truly are a pioneer in the Art & Mobile Photography movement !!

And answering your question;  I’ve always been crazy about lists and organising my searches on topics.

As soon as I discovered the name iPhoneography, I started to search the internet for everything on this subject, from artists, to tutorials and applications, and soon I came across “TheAppWhisperer” where I found everything I needed.

“TheAppWhisperer” is my number 1 and favorite website for Mobile Photography, it’s a really good and essential resource for inspiration, artist discovery and app research.

When I started to edit my photos made with an iPhone and published them on Instagram, I discovered a series of profiles where was common a daily editing activity, but I couldn’t  always knew which application was used, and many Photographers don’t named the apps they’ve used for the specific photos.

It was because of TheAppWhisperer after a lot of queries, research, and studying, that I was able to get to the level I am today, where I almost know which application is used for this or that effect.

TheAppWhisperer is a place for highlighting the iPhoneographer, it offers great interviews with Photographers from all over the world. TheAppWhisperer is the gallery where I want to be, with the most beautiful and ground-breaking iPhone art on the web and home to an ever-increasing number of visionary artists in the exploration and development of this vibrant new medium. Here we may find app reviews, exhibition news and many more.

In The AppWhisperer community, I also had the opportunity to meet other great artists and mobile photographers, and not only exchange experiences regarding imaging, but also have a true friend  relationship with people from distant countries, where support is the commonplace.

So, here is the bookmark-worthy resources that are all about mobile photography.

Take Your Smartphone Photography to the Next Level and visit the wonderful work from Joanne Carter.

To illustrate my answer I share with you some videos I have been working on in the last month.

These are very different images from what I usually share here on this site. What influenced me most to do these videos is to attend a postgraduate course and live in a country where tradition and good manners seem to be shaken by the corruption and lack of ethics and descent I saw in my youth”.

Maria Cecilia de São Thiago

from São Paulo, Brazil


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