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Mobile Photography & Art – My Top Five Apps by Amanda Parker – United States

“I use these five apps on almost every edit. Some of them including Superimpose and Distressed FX apps have been favorites of mine for years. Besides my top five I occasionally use drawing apps including Art Studio and Leonardo, and the new Metabrush for their particular strengths. Here as mentioned are my top five apps”.



A fantastic and unique app. I frequently will run edits through decim8 to see what interesting shapes and perspectives it comes up with. It’s a challenging interface though and I still don’t understand all its uses! Each edit when it runs through decim8, comes out in an unusual and original way.




I use only part of this app to add a slow shutter, or blurry type of effect. It can also be used to make liquid like effects and many others including melt and multiple blurs. I use this app on almost every edit I make.



Distressed FX

I love the new version of distressed fx, there are so many distressed effects to choose from! I use it on almost every image and love the effect of the weathered, and other textures that were added. I also use the birds and trees that were added to the app.




An app that offers a really cool effect which I use frequently. It provides a 3D ripping effect and is pretty easy to do! There are also very useful textures in the app and I’ve used them frequently. I always feel that a texture adds a special level to an edit.





I use Superimpose for any objects or images I want to place on a picture or to blend any number of images . I used Superimpose when I started doing art and have stuck with it because it’s got a simple interface and is great for blending. It saves masks which I might use multiple times.



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