TheAppWhisperer Triumphs! A Very Touching Testimonial

TheAppWhisperer Triumphs! A Very Touching Testimonial


Yesterday, I had the greatest pleasure to receive a donation from an artist that I do not know too well, Becky Menzies from Canada. I wrote to thank her for her contribution and she wrote me the most touching reply. I asked her if I may share it with you all because it means so much to me.  It is messages like this that motivate and inspire me to do what I do, every single day.

If you’re unfamiliar with Becky Menzies, please reach out to her, I will ensure she’s invited to all of our groups, what a wonderful person and artist she is!

“Joanne, you are most welcome. The person to whom I dedicated the donation is Marilyn who is my mother. She passed away almost 11 years ago. Marilyn was intelligent, articulate and artistic, and supported my early forays in art.

I gave up art for a long time when my career took over until a friend introduced me to digital art about three years ago. That journey led me to rediscover my interest in art and explore other art mediums (fused glass, textile art). But lately, I have been diving more deeply into digital art which led me to you and The App Whisperer. What a find!

The way you support this artistic medium allows for so many entry points for people and artists with wide ranging interests and abilities. I really enjoy the thought-provoking articles you write. I know my mother would have also enjoyed reflecting on and discussing your insights.

I often wonder how my mother would have engaged with and approached digital art. I still hear her voice telling me about composition, values, colour, and lately I “talk” to her about what kind of story I am trying to convey when I create a digital art piece.

Joanne, you don’t know me and I don’t know you – other than through your passionate commitment to art. And, I am sure you receive numerous stories like this from many, many people. But I do know what resonates with me, and your intellectual and reflective sharing makes me feel at “home”, if that makes any sense.

Making the decision to support you and The App Whisperer was a very easy and happy decision to make. Thank YOU!”

©Becky Menzies

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